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Opportunities and challenges for students to study abroad

Currently "Study in the US "the door is dream of many young people who want to learn and study in a country with advanced technical skills and the education system is the most advanced in the world.

Currently " My study "the door is dream of many young people who want to learn and study in a country with advanced technical skills and the education system is the most advanced in the world.
F1 Visa holding plate with confidence there will be a new chapter in their studies and careers, many young people have brought their hopes and your family to a new country. However, not everyone can maintain confidence, passion, and his eagerness to face strange things in the country. Many people have dropped out because they could not or just did not adapt to a new life - to live independently.
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According to literature, the press and the media, we know the United States as a "promised land". Obviously a place like America, but not anything like the movies or our imagination. Besides the busy shopping areas, amusement parks or endless paths, there are other U.S. states or small cities. It is the old industrial zone, is retained as a national park or as a university campus.
The basic thing is we have to learn to accept
Transportation in the U.S. unlike in Vietnam with the motor means, that new car is the basic means of the American people. However, for international students, work or get a driver's license to buy a car for the first time is not something anyone can do. So that means the bus to go back or you will yourself bike shop for convenience. If you want to play or participate in activities away from the trains students to use. Your feelings are completely different expectations and their previous circumstances. 
I know of a case like that in Spring 2012. It is a Chinese girlfriend, pre-Master program of the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Previously, the city Lowellla textile industry, this became the park's history in Massachusetts. Here there are no amusement parks, entertainment or skyscrapers. When the quiet environment, you had extremely disappointed. She is a "princess" in China, to adapt to conditions not care parents, not only cars that go to school by bus is no easy challenge for her.
Only two weeks later, she returned to the country because they can not adapt or not adapt. Although this is a rare case but it is difficult to adapt to new living conditions are very popular in the international student community. To avoid these difficulties, the students should prepare yourself for a body of knowledge about where they will go and define our purpose is. If you can accept the life of a student, you probably have good start to the process of adaptation.
Participate in community activities of Vietnam
It is extremely important for students to know how far the organization of their lives. If you are a first time away from home, this will be a big challenge, because you are not just moving away from home, but also to a completely unfamiliar country. You will not have any friends right from the start. Indeed, hoo around you and what you need to do is connect with them. It could be classmates or professors who will be your friend in a natural way.
Furthermore, it may be the right partner Vietnam in school first, or Youth and Students Association Boston area expansion. You can also find friends in the Vietnam Student Association in other cities. Stay connected with friends, you not only have the opportunity to share and learn, but also opens up other opportunities in the future. Although it is important that each student targeted before departure is taking quite a degree, from the good reputation of the university, participation in community activities, nature connection is equally important. Get rid of the aloof, attentive only to the school and their personal things. Spend 30 minutes each day for work friends, you'll get more than you think.
Many of you are well-off family circumstances often think I do not need anyone to help and also little contact with friends. It is a fallacy that be effected directly to your study process. If you like to live in a shell, you have even very difficult to live in his homeland even though you are always beside loved ones, "added her second child at home, the guys are way too brittle than us" . This will also influence when we go abroad. Absence will make your loved ones feel lonely, it will rise up a lot more besides if you do not have friends who are always willing to share and help you when you are tough or when you need to. Think and openness to embrace the opportunity, all life depends on your perspective.
Studying abroad is a great opportunity to access the knowledge of mankind. It is also the opportunity to create big change and create a better future for themselves. However, besides the chance that challenges students to equip themselves with the tools they need to firmly step on the path he has chosen. Going to school is not far from the hardship, the most difficult thing is beyond yourself, dare to change themselves to fit a new life. I wish you success.
UE-According to Le Duc - Boston Students