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Northeastern University, Boston, Masachusets

Northeastern University was established in 1898, the Grade 1 group (Tier 1) United States, there are nearly 21,000 students.

Northeastern University was established in 1898, the Grade 1 group (Tier 1) United States, there are nearly 21,000 students. The strongest fields: Business, Economics, Architecture, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Engineering, MBA; Co-op program (learning by doing)

• Rated 62 countries, according to the US News and World Report.
• Bachelor of Business program ranked 27 countries according to Business Week magazine
• Rated 1 out of employment support services and practice according to The Princeton Review
• Rated 1 Program Co-ops - Learning by doing (according to US News & World Report)
• Rated 56 "Best Business Graduate Schools" (US News and World Report, 2011)
• Rated 56 MBA programs (Business Week 2010)
• University 2nd fastest growing in the United States, according to the US News and World Report

   Northeastern has a beautiful campus wide 30 acres in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, convenient public transportation, within easy walking distance to the historical or entertainment center. From Boston can be easily moved to New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC by train, or ride only takes 2-3 hours to Atlantic beaches.

   Boston was founded in 1630, is one of the oldest cities and has a great influence on American culture. Boston is the unofficial capital and largest city of the New England area, the United States (including the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut today). Also, Boston is known as the capital of American education more than 350,000 students are enrolled at more than 50 universities.

   The "Co-op" grout learning Lam One of the strengths of the Northeastern

   The "Co-op" of Northeastern has been deployed in nearly 100 years, is one of the pioneers in the United States to help students walk to school, walk to work, but the application of theory and skills training the school into actual work.

   Students in Year 2 Bachelor can join the program, the total working time of up to 18 months, and students paid tuition free in the United Co-op.

   Each year, about 6,000 Northeastern arrange for students to work with more than 2,500 partner recruitment. In it there are many well-known names such as Apple, Google, General Electric, HSBC, IBM, Massachusetts General Hospital, Motorola, Microsoft, MTV, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, Reebok, White House Us, Walt Disney, ...

   English language programs for students not eligible for input


Undergraduate Pathway Program (Year 1 university)

Requirements: High school graduate, GPA 3.0-3.2 / 4 (grades 9-12)

  • 61-69 TOEFL / IELTS 6.0 (no component score <5.5) => 3 study period
  • 70-75 TOEFL / IELTS 6.0 (no component score <6.0) => 2 study period
  • 76-86 TOEFL / IELTS 6.5 => 1 study period

University Transfer Program

Designed for students who have completed two years of college or university Vietnam wants to move to the United States Bachelor's degree - Bachelor of Science majors:

  • Leadership
  • Finance and Accounting Management

Students receive conditional acceptance letter for the Master's program, learn more first years to get subjects:

  • Corporate Organizational Communication - MS;
  • Global Studies and International Affairs - MS;
  • Professional Studies in Informatics with specialization in Information Security;
  • Professional Studies in Digital Media with specializations in 3-D Animation, Digital Media Management, Digital Photography, Digital Video, Game Design, Interactive Design or;
  • Non-pro fi t Management - MS;
  • Management - MS;
  • Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices - MS

Students who have a Bachelor's degree are eligible Northeastern Double Husky Scholarship 25% tuition reduction to master key.

Requirements: Completed at least 2 years of college (60 credits)

  • Leadership GPA 2:25 / 4; 79 TOEFL / IELTS 6.5 18 months
  • Finance & Accounting Management GPA 2:45 / 4; 84 TOEFL / IELTS 6.5 21 months

Students who fail to meet requirements of English can learn English at Kaplan's campus.

Graduate Pathway program (Pre-Masters)

For students who have graduated. Course includes training programs GMAT / GRE.

Minimum requirements (depending on specialty):

  • Pre-Masters: TNDH, GPA 2.5 / 4, 61iBT TOEFL / IELTS 6.0. 1 of 2 years industry experience required
  • Master: completion of Pre-Masters GPA 3.0, GMAT 650 TOEFL iBT 79-100; GRE
  • tuition
  • Pathway 1 period: $ 11,925
  • Pathway 2 period: $ 20,445
  • Pathway 3 period (for Undergraduate Students): $ 27,840
  • University - 19.660 USD / year
  • University Transfer: Leadership: $ 25,440
  • Finance & Accounting Management: $ 30,210
  • Master: 1045-1345 $ / credits

Living expenses:

Diverse selection of housing: homestay or apartment,


Single room: $ 3,840 / period
Double room: $ 4,560 / period
Apartments: 1100-1800 $ / month

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