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Niagara College - the leading public school of student satisfaction in Canada

Since its founding in 1967 in Welland, Ontario, Canada, Niagara College has grown to become a leader in education and training. For many years the school was honored in the top of the rankings of student satisfaction.

Niagara College has the strength to train the hospitality industry, hospitality industry, wine growing, brewing and wine making, beautification, international business administration. Students will be able to minimize their financial records and simplify visa applications. So in recent years Niagara has attracted a large number of students from all over the world to study.

Niagara College, Cao đẳng Niagara, Trường cao đẳng công lập Niagara, Du học Canada


Niagara College currently has over 9,000 full-time students studying in over 100 diploma programs, graduate certificates, apprenticeships and bachelor programs. There are more than 15,000 part-time students each year and about 600 students earn credits at vocational programs.

The school has three campuses:

- Welland Campus: 40 hectares, filled with green space. The campus is a practical education center, the Institute of Applied Medicine and the Rankin Technology Center. This is the basis for training programs in fitness, health, communication, technology and commerce.

- Niagara on the lake campus boasts a vineyard of 40 acres; The Candada Institute of Food and Wine, the first Canadian wine and beer training laboratory; and have a Benchmark restaurant. The factory was built in the Niagara Escarpment, a UN-designated world biosphere reserve.

- The Niagara Falls campus is located in the heart of Niagara Falls and is an academy specializing in graduate programs in hospitality and tourism, business and the environment. The modern campus is associated with important industry partners as part of the Niagara College's education and training model.

Niagara College, Cao đẳng Niagara, Trường cao đẳng công lập Niagara, Du học Canada


With a history of more than 40 years of development, Niagara College is one of the leading schools in the education and training sector in Canada. For eight consecutive years, the school was voted the top school for satisfaction.

- Niagara College offers over 100 programs in a variety of forms and degrees. The strength of the school is its hospitality and tourism programs, which are located in the popular tourist resort of Niagara Falls. Therefore, when studying in tourism and hospitality programs, students will have many opportunities to practice and earn more to enhance their experience.

- Most of the school's programs allow students to practice. The placement of research and paid internships at leading companies will contribute to changing the way students learn. After graduating from Niagara College, international students can apply for a work permit under the "Three-Year Graduation Permit Program" and a value in Canada. With a range of tailor-made training programs that cater to the needs of the marketplace including college, bachelor, and postgraduate, the school is committed to helping students make their dreams come true.

- Due to the diversity of the training program and the optimal combination of theory and practice, the school has developed a strong work force for the region and meets the strict requirements of the recruitment difficult to use.

- The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the faculty is also one of the factors that make Niagara College so successful. Teachers respect students and respect the students as much as possible.

- Facilities are equipped with modern facilities to meet the needs of students. The entire classroom system is sound, light, projector, furniture, air conditioning for summer and fireplace for winter. The gym is equipped with modern fitness machines that help you not only have deep knowledge but also good health to prepare for your future career. You can practice jogging, weightlifting or sign up for free Yoga classes, Zumba weekly. Modern library with updated titles.

- Students also receive many scholarships and free counseling services such as personal life, financial, housing, study, extra work, visa, tourism ...

- Niagara is a large city with 430,000 inhabitants, 20% of which speak English as a second language. The school is located in an area outside the big city, so students will save more money for their studies and personal interests. Study abroad in Canada can also visit more than 20 major cities of North America, including Toronto and New York.

- It is one of the schools in the CES priority assessment program. Students have reduced financial proof and shortened visa processing time.

Niagara College, Cao đẳng Niagara, Trường cao đẳng công lập Niagara, Du học Canada


- Hospitality and tourism services: food, wine and beer, tourism.

- Business: business administration, marketing, human resources management, office administration ...

- Communication, computer and information technology: film, photography, graphic design.

- Technology industry: construction technology, construction techniques, electronic technology, welding techniques.

- Environment, horticulture and agribusiness.

- Science and humanities, health and community research: early childhood education, early childhood education, health and competitive performance, community service coordinator, recreation and leisure. ..

- Postgraduate programs in the fields of behavioral sciences and autism, environmental assessment and management, event management, hospitality management, human resources management, public relations, governance. The business of wine ...

- English program.

Niagara College, Cao đẳng Niagara, Trường cao đẳng công lập Niagara, Du học Canada

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