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New Rules for Student Employment in Australia after graduation

The Post-Study Work (PSW) will apply this new in early 2013, also known as the visa subclass 485. This type of visa allows students to remain in Australia to work from 2 to 4 years after graduation.

Objects which are at PSW?
Graduates in Australia with a Bachelor degree, Master Coursework, Master (extended), Master or PHD research (PhD) study time at least 2 years.
Request for review of the applicant for the visa is this?
To qualify for this new regulation, the applicant must own:
- In Australia
- Under 50 years old
- Have completed degree within 6 months of the submission of visa application

In addition, graduate students must meet the academic requirements of the Australian study courses for international students are taught in English at the Institute of Commonwealth block (CRICOS) during at least two academic years (92 weeks) and must be completed within a maximum of 16 months, as well as proof of English proficiency, health insurance.
English proficiency is required like?
English proficiency will be Competent English meaning for each band minimum IELTS 6.0 or equivalent scores in other tests by the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship designated for this type of visa.
Candidates should choose a branch of career list (SOL) when filing new visa program?
No. Applicants do not need to select the eligible sectors or skills assessment.
Visa subclass 485 will have much time under the new rules PSW?
Graduates with a degree in Bachelor, Master or Master Coursework (extended) in Australia will be eligible to apply PSW visa 2 years, with a 3-year research Master's degree and 4 years for a PhD.
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