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New requirements for Australian citizenship

The Turnbull government has announced a comprehensive reform of the Australian naturalization process, including the nationality test and attached conditions, in honor of "Australian values." These proposed changes include mandatory requirements for the English test passed in the House of Representatives on 14 August and will be submitted to the Senate by 4 September 2017.

The "Australian values" that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Immigration Director Peter Dutton emphasized were:

- The focus of national identity

- The foundation of democracy

Accordingly, "citizenship should only be given to those who commit to performing Australian values, respect Australian law, work hard by integrating and contributing to a more just and better Australian society in Australia. "

Specific requirements


1 - Require immigrants to have a separate English language test, including 4 skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing;

Nationality test:

2 - tighten the citizenship test, add new 'meaningful questions', to test the immigrant's understanding and commitment to Australian values ​​and obligations;

3 - Limits the number of immigrants who may fail the nationality test three times (currently unrestricted);

4 - Application of automatic failing system for fraudulent immigrants on the citizenship test;

Inclusion - commitment

5 - Immigration requirements must be in Australia for at least 4 years as a permanent resident - PR (currently 1 year);

6 - Immigration requirements must describe the steps you have taken to integrate and contribute to the Australian community. For example: work evidence, membership of unions, and school-age children attending school;

7 - Strengthening engagement in the Australian Citizenship Act 2007, immigrants applying for citizenship at age 16 must make a commitment to loyalty to Australia.

Other conditions

According to these new reforms, those who fail the nationality test three times, will have to wait for the next two years, to apply for re-examination.

Exempt migrants who do not pass an Australian citizenship test (people over the age of 60 or under 16 years of age, persons with disabilities who are incapacitated, persons with long-term or permanent mental illness) will Exceptions are not granted in English.

- Australian government tightens nationality test: 'more meaningful questions'

- The reform program will apply to Australian citizenship applications from April 20, 2007.

What is the rate of alien registration of Australian citizenship?

With more severe conditions and more difficult nationality test that the Australian Prime Minister announced on April 20, 1974, the percentage of Australian citizenship applications for expatriates wishing to emigrate to Australia in the future will be Significantly reduced.



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