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New information for Canadian students

Canada is a country with a well-developed education system, from a high school to a graduate school with an ideal learning environment, innovative teaching methods and modern facilities. Support students in all aspects.

Dubbed as the country of the world's top universities, the quality of degrees and certificates of Canadian universities is widely recognized and sought around the world.

1. CES visa priority policy

The Canada Express Study (CES) is one of the top priorities of the Canadian government for Vietnamese students. With CES, international students will be substituted for financial proofing procedures with a Certificate of Investment (GIC), whereby your visa application rate will be higher.

If you are interested in participating in CES and are comfortable choosing the right school for you in Canada, you only need to obtain a GIC certificate from the Scotia Bank with a value of CAD $ 10,000, up to 5.0 IELTS and pay your first year's tuition fees. money.

CES will be applied until the end of August 2017. Then, based on the effect this policy brings, the Canadian government will decide whether to continue the program extension.

2. Work placement program

The paid internship program is available in most colleges and universities in Canada, so it is easy for you to pursue your studies as part of a paid internship. It helps you to improve your practical skills effectively without neglecting your study.

Compared to the hard work that is sometimes hard on the outside, the salary that the student receives during the paid internship is always higher and will be considered by industry. From this substantial income, you can cover the cost of living every day.

3. Policy of settlement in Canada

In recent years, the number of immigrants to Canada has increased significantly. This is a good thing for Vietnamese students who want to find a job and settle in this developed country after graduation. .

You will be able to stay in Canada for one to three years after completing your degree. According to state regulations, after a certain period of employment, you can begin applying for permanent residency in this country.

4. Refund Policy for International Students

You will be reimbursed up to 60% of the tuition fee, which is a special policy applied for international students studying and staying in Manitoba, Canada. The tuition fee will be paid to you while you are working in Canada, with a maximum duration of approximately six years.

In addition, extra work will also help international students shorten the refund period after graduation, because students who work overtime will also be reimbursed by the provincial government to 5% Total tuition fee.

5. Health insurance policy for international students

The Government of Canada generally requires students to pay for health insurance before coming to this country. However, in general, international students in Canada are always able to afford affordable health insurance, so students have more choices when enrolled in health insurance here as posted. Sign up for provincial insurance, medical insurance or join an outside insurance company.

Not only is it an extremely developed country, a good social system and a good education in the world, Canada has very attractive international student support policies. From those practical policies, it can be said that Canada is the country attracting many students in the world.

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