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Navitas USA: Road to the prestigious universities in America

The Navitas Academy links with leading universities in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, etc. Thousands of international students choose Navitas USA transition programs as the best choice. for their beginnings.

Navitas Umass Dartmouth

Five reasons for attending Navitas UMASS Darthmouth:

Quality curriculum: UDM ranks # 91 universities in the world

2- Flexible opening in August, January and May.

3- Small class sizes help you get more attention from the trainers.

UMASS Darthmouth specializes in business training.

The 700-hectare campus has beautiful on-campus campuses and over 100 student clubs and organizations.

University of Massachusetts Darthmouth began training students in 1895, and is part of the University of Massachusetts System. There are 9,000 students studying at UMASS Darthmouth. They can choose to study in 88 degrees and join more than 100 clubs and student organizations.

As a UMass Darthmouth student studying Navitas program, you will be using modern facilities and services, including libraries, computer labs, entertainment facilities, school accommodation, health care services, and vocational counseling.

The Navitas Transition Program at UMASS Darthmouth University offers academic content and supportive methods that will help you successfully complete the undergraduate program at UMASS Darthmouth.

The college transcript is designed to provide students with a scholarly and cultural connection between their high school and college programs in the United States. Phase II of the Transition Program includes both credit and non-credit courses. Upon completion of the course with a satisfactory GPA, students will be allowed to start the second year of the UMASS Darthmouth Bachelor's degree program. .

Navitas UMASS Darthmouth has 3 flexible semesters yearly, allowing students to start in August, January or May.

Navitas UMASS Boston

Five Reasons to Study at UMASS Boston:

Quality program: UMB is among the top 100 universities in the life sciences, the MBA program ranked # 41.

2- Variable enrollment courses: January, September, May

3- Small classes and get the attention of teachers.

Boston is one of the oldest and most active cities in the United States

5. UMASS Boston is a research university with a team of experienced professors.

University of Massachusetts Boston is a university with a long history of over 150 years and is a prestigious university located in the University of Massachusetts System.

Navitas UMASS Boston is the only public research university in Boston. The university is just minutes away from the city center and is considered the ideal model of a university in the city.

The undergraduate program at UMASS Boston under Navitas allows you to transfer and complete your undergraduate degree at UMASS Boston.

The University Transfer Program Phase II includes credit-based courses and course credits that allow you to transfer in year 2 at UMASS Boston.

Navitas Preparatory Studies study at UMASS Boston University. As a Navitas Foundation student, you can use the school's facilities such as libraries, labs, mail rooms, recreational facilities, housing, as well as health and job.



UMass Lowell is a national research university that offers high quality education with the aim of providing students with the best opportunities to solve world affairs.

Umass Lowell has a main campus and six undergraduate colleges with 17,000 undergraduate, master and doctoral students.

Highlights of Umass Lowell:

- Ranked 156th national university

- Ranked 80 public universities

- Top 200 research universities

$ 105,000 is the average salary an UL graduate receives

- UL students are well known for being hardworking, dedicated and well prepared for the future.

- There are more than 168 million dollars awarded to students for financial aid

- More than 100 undergraduate majors

- Over 40 master's degrees

- More than 30 doctoral degrees


Founded in 1866, over 150 years UNH is home to more than 13,000 college students, with 21 sports teams, 31 clubs and 250 student organizations. The school welcomes students from 50 states and from about 70 different countries around the world. At present the school is offering over 200 degree programs.


- National highest rating in America - AASHE

# 1 safest campus in America - Alarms.org

# 67 best school value in the United States - United States News & World Report

# 45 Best Public Universities in the US - Money Magazine

- No. 7 Social Work Program in the United States - United States today

# 36 The "greenest" school in America - Princeton Review

# 38 public business school - Bloomberg Businessweek

# 25 Hotel Management Programs in the US - Analytics Academic

# 84 College Work Most For The American Dream - New York Times

# 15 best dinner in USA - USA Today

# 1 best dinner in New Hampshire - USA today

# 8 to study natural resources and preserve -USA Today

- Veterinary Technology Program # 2 in the US - thebestcolleges.org

- Top 100 Online MBA Programs - US & World Report

- Top 100 universities, MBA programs Part time - US & World Report

# 81 Best Business School - Bloomberg Businessweek


Florida Atlantic University was established in 1961 in Boca Raton on an 850 acre site located near the Atlantic Ocean. The campus is located between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale and offers a wide range of programs, activities and services.

The school offers an exciting learning environment and support for students. Student Association organizes activities and meetings. In addition, students can enjoy performances from rock bands to the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra.

The 5-storey Wimberly Library contains many collections, monographs and other academic resources. Computer rooms, classrooms, media centers and tutoring services also provide valuable learning support to students.

Off campus there are three campuses: Harriet L. Wilkes Honors, Fort Lauderdale, Davie Institute.



Since 1889, the University of Idaho has provided motivated students with a higher education experience that prepares learners to adapt to change, solve problems in the real world and achieve them. work in their lives and careers. The beautiful campus of the University of Idaho is located in Moscow, the education centers in Coeur d'Alene, Boise and Idaho Falls, the research and development center at Twin Falls is serving more than 12,000 students.


Richard Bland College is an extension of William & Mary's liberal arts education, leading the way in student achievement. Richard Bland is accredited by the College Association of Colleges and Universities (SACSCOC) to award a Masters degree in Arts and Associate in Science.

The University offers a variety of challenging and challenging courses and programs that provide students with a solid background in the study process or the pursuit of higher education.


Situated in the middle of a bustling city, VCU is one of the top public research universities in the state. The mission of Virginia Commonwealth University is to enhance students' knowledge and success by creating a wonderful learning environment that fosters exploration, discovery and innovation in a global context.

The diversity of VCU provides an atmosphere of integration, dedication to address inequalities wherever they exist, and an opportunity to explore and create in a trusting environment.

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