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Mentoring Program – A new appearance for attractions

(UE) Mentoring Program – Program of orientation and direct exchanges with the UE alumni, which was held monthly

(UE) Mentoring Program – Program of orientation and direct exchanges with the UE alumni, which was held monthly, is an attractive destination for students to get more experience in preparing for their study overseas plans.

UE Mentoring Program was launched in October 2015 and has been joined by a large number of students who have inspiration for studying abroad. The aims that UE wishes to perform in this program are to help these young people get well prepared for the trip and fulfilled their dreams of studying abroad.

By joining this program, you will be offered detail consultation with contents below:

  1. Job orientation for your future. Informing about subjects in majors of business, MSc and MBA.
  2. Guiding for enrolling in top schools, applying scholarships or internships courses.


  1. Sharing experiences to face to “culture shock”, guiding for taking part in extracurricular activities to develop soft skills.
  2. Sharing ways to become a good candidate for position of chairman, vice chairman, project manager of international student organizations as well as contact to volunteer groups of Vietnamese students in other countries, etc.
  3. Guiding setting up small business systems inbound and outbound country in time of studying overseas.


Mentoring programs also have the presence of many special guests. There are alumni who have outstanding academic achievements and experiences to live overseas. We can say Mentoring program performs a model of conversations and feelings. From here, the young people who wish to study in foreign countries will be shared the realest stories of alumni about their learning process in other countries. In addition, you are comfortable to discuss all matters that concern surrounding your upcoming study.

Moreover, being together with this great program is a program "30 Minutes Mentoring free" dedicated to young people who got student VISA by supports from UE. You will be consulted directly 1:1 or indirectly via Skype Online for students living far from company  by Phan Minh Huy – Vice Director of Da Nang Branch of UE, also used to study in the UK with many achievements and practical experience.

For the upcoming time, UE Mentoring Program will be developed and changed to a new appearance that expects to bring many interesting and helpful information for you. UE Mentoring is a special gift which UE would like to send to real students. Although it is true that study overseas cannot be color in a complete pink, Mentoring program will help you set a clear orientation and make your study become more beautiful. Welcome UE Mentoring, guys!