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Mentoring program

A boy desires medicine and dream to Temple University

As we annouced, “30 minutes Mentoring for free” – the new service of UE started already and be ready to serve all customers having Visa by the support of UE. In this afternoon, Nguyen Thanh Duy – who got visa to USA cameback UE and join in this useful program.

Nguyen Thi Thuy and the dream living with education sector.

In this morning, UE was glad to see Nguyen Thi Thuy-the person just received visa to study abroad USA in 21/9/2015 – joinging in “30' Mentoring free” program with Mr Nguyen Nhan Duc Strategy manager of UE.

Chose time for studying abroad - easy or hard?

To help the young students wishing to study abroad realize the importance of choosing the right time for their overseas studying, UE organized the Mini talk named “Which time should you choose to study abroad?”

Smart strategy for studying abroad

Mentoring Program is an orientation and direct interaction program with alumni studying overseas. The program is organised monthly and attract a lot of the attentions of students to get many experience before going to study abroad.

Studying abroad to find out “ Who I am in this world”.

From student specializing Chemisty – Biology, weakness of English to the first president of Aiesec Viet Nam and achieving MBA scholarship of University of Florida, those are the process to affirm herself – Ms Mai hanh – Brand and Creation Manager of Anheuser-Busch InBev company.