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Meet Binh Dinh man to win three full doctoral scholarship

UE - A solid and young, tan, looks a little "dust", different from what I envisioned when said Vu Binh Dinh are boys won three full doctoral scholarship abroad.

UE - A solid and young, tan, looks a little "dust", different from what I envisioned when said Vu Binh Dinh are boys won three full doctoral scholarship abroad.

It was late 2011, just after graduating from Vu Nguyen Tien class talent bachelor computer science, information technology department, University of Natural Sciences (National University of Ho Chi Minh City) with 8.7 grade point average and 10 points for the thesis, and 830 on the TOEIC, TOEFL iBT 80 and IELS 6.5. Submit scholarship application to Brunel's two articles involved international scientific conferences, and annual scholarships of more companies, organizations, student awards for scientific research ... As a result, all three university: Country of Singapore (NUS), Concordia (Quebec Canada) and Deakin (Victoria, Australia) have received letters. Sound measurement considerations, finally, in 2012, Vu pack to Australia

Nguyen Tien Vu.

Tien Vu explained: "I chose the school Deakin by Prof. Dinh Phung - mentor of mine - intensive research on mathematical models - the field that I wanted to pursue. The team of the GS is in Central Prada, Deakin University, is one of the few research groups specializing in this field in the world. "

Thread Vu choose to do in Australia is "Weakly-Supervised non-parametric Bayesian methods" (Weakly-Supervised nonparametric Bayesian Models). This is an area quite "hot" in the computer science world. August 2012, the Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics and a new organization of training in thematic areas in Vietnam.

Nguyen Tien Vu in the study room.

Ask the Universe for reasons choose computer science, while three Vu is the local police, the mother is a doctor in Tam Quan, Vu said: "On small, but I still love school are chemistry, to be master Nguyen Truong (high school Nguyen Tran, Hoai Nhon) enthusiastic guidance, students take the exam each provincial excellent chemistry with Huynh Anh Vu same year (also a student of Binh Dinh, graduated from Swinburne University, Australia - PV). When choosing the university exam, my parents want me by sector Y. But back then, I made the top university exam candidates with high scores and selected the talented bachelor's degrees from the University of Natural Sciences. Maze natural science so I would love to and associated with computer science since then. "

Studies at Deakin University, in addition to being covered tuition, living expenses Vu also received nearly 24 thousand Australian dollars per year over the 3 years studied. "This event is so stable, the most difficult problem of mine, as well as the first time abroad, besides language, is integrated. Fortunately, Australia is multicultural policies are good, so foreign students to study here do not have much familiarity. Geelong but little Vietnamese, but luckily I met and the tenant with you a couple of Binh Dinh, also a graduate student and instructor. In addition, I also made friends with students from other countries "- Dance shared. In the process of learning and research work (phase Vu at the end of 2011 schools) in the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Natural Sciences, the dedicated guidance of Dr. Le Hoai Seeing North, Dr. Tran Minh Triet, Dr. Ly Quoc Ngoc ... Vu should be continued as more and more passion.

Currently, Wu is adding knowledge to the research process, a number of works completed, is offering research proposal, data preparation and subsequent experimental runs. In addition, the Vu has added three articles involved international conferences, including a conference in Queensland is ranked A, a B grade in Japan and one in Melbourne.TVN

Nguyen Tien Vu (leftmost) with the international students.

In fact, do not wait until it was as a graduate student, Vu new to science research. Right after college, the student Binh Dinh has "bagged" many awards for scientific research. For example, in 2010, Wu won awards and scholarships for students Lawrence Sting excellent universities and scientific papers presented at the International Conference on Imaging Engineering (ICIE 2011TVN) by the International Association of Technical fortune and the information technology organization in Hong Kong, in 2011 with the golden apple Newton, the First Prize Student scientific research ... While waiting for a visa to Australia, Vu has more articles involved international conference on information technology and computer by IEEE (an international association that specializes in technological innovation) organizations in Vietnam.

Ask the Universe for the secret to good education and scientific research, Vu said: "Most importantly, passion for his chosen field. Moreover, during the learning process, we sometimes stressful, the most important thing is optimistic and have faith in yourself. "

Talking about the future, Vu gentle smile: "I define learning goals is good to grasp skills, knowledge, new technologies and new it would only do something in the future. But it's hard to say more, because I learned that first year alone. "
Source: Report of Binh Dinh