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Lexington Catholic High School - USA

Lexington Catholic High School was founded in 1951 in Lexington, Kentucky. The school is affiliated with Amerigo Education.

Amerigo Lexington offers students an opportunity to get a world-class education in one of America's most beautiful cities.

At Amerigo Lexington, US students thrive as they pursue academic excellence in one of America's most beautiful cities. With the opportunity for students in grades 7-8 at Amerigo Lexington Middle School and for students in grades 9-12 at Amerigo Lexington, students can leverage extra academic and extra-curricular opportunities to prepare for the university success and more.


An organization defined by its values ​​builds a shared culture:

+ Help students

+ Learning from each other

Think and act together.

Promote discussion with each other

Be open and forthright with colleagues

Responsible for work

Amerigo helps international students discover passion, build lasting friendships and grow in the classroom. Through our in-house programs in cooperation with US preparatory schools, overseas students receive the support they need to grow in high school and grow into successful leaders in their schools. American University.

Amerigo accepts the challenge of creating a superior student experience that provides consistent support for all students.

Build a team that is supported by knowledge and value with expertise in all areas of education.

Human quality is the foundation for the success and satisfaction of students. Gathering expertise in diverse educational and cultural backgrounds.

Experts are teachers, tutors, mentors and trainers who speak more than 12 languages.

1. Training program

- Academic Program: AP, Honors, American High School

- Subject: 49 AP & Honors

- Featured Program: STEM, Fine Arts and Maths Scholarship, Science & Technology, Aerospace Academy

- Extracurricular activities: 26 sports, 30 clubs

- University students admitted to: Harvard University, Columbia University, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University etc.

- Intakes: Spring (January) & Autumn (August)

- The foundations of the program range from an understanding of the many factors that contribute to the preparation of a successful child at the university level.

- Build a program for students to develop through a transformative learning experience and a balanced, comfortable and enriching life outside the classroom.

- Students in the Amerigo program benefit from a social and environmental environment designed to maximize development.


2. Costs and fees

Total costs (2018 - 2019): £ 66,950, including:

Tuition and housing costs (£ 61,000): Tuition, English and Academic Support, Dormitory and Security, Meals (3 meals per day), College Advisor and Career Guidance; Practical trips, graduation fee

- Student Fees (£ 5,950): Insurance, Holiday and Thanksgiving Day Outings, Uniforms, Books, Technology Equipment, Airport Transfers, Weekend Activities.

3. Scholarships and grants

US scholarships will be assessed on a number of factors: grade point average (GPA), English proficiency, interviews and other achievements (if any).

30% of tuition and accommodation expenses). Total cost after scholarship: $ 48,650 per year.

- Limited scholarships: 40% and 50%

+ Costs in Amerigo Napa Valley: $ 69,250 + $ 5,950.

Los Angeles: $ 68,000 + $ 5,950. Scholarships: 10% - 15%.

4. Student life

Lexington is a jewel in the south and one of the oldest cities in the United States. It has a vibrant arts community and is home to a growing international community of over 154 languages.

The Lexington metro area has a thriving university town and is home to major companies such as Amazon, GE, Lockheed-Martin, Lexmark International and Toyota.

In Lexington, the splendor of nature blends with the bustling cityscape to create a rare and rich experience.


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