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Lessons you'll learn when you life away from home

Living away from home is never easy, but it is a good opportunity for you to grow up every day.

Surely, many exiles in the country or the students have had a listen to this song once. Everybody hurts when every meal misses him. Everyone is upset when the holidays are coming. Someone danced joyfully about meeting a fellow in a foreign country.

You realize, family is the best thing

At home, just hoping to escape the parental supervision, looking forward to doing everything you want. But when confused in strange places to recognize the father is reasonable, her mother's instructions are necessary.

Being familiar with new learning methods, continuous English training, making friends and catching up with new life makes you reeling, sometimes tired of boredom. At that time just want to run back to his mother cry for a lifetime. Only mother is enough to listen to you, to pacify you until you go to sleep.

Witness friends often write handwritten letters, send postcards wherever they go to parents and grandparents, you find yourself heartless. Almost every Vietnamese child grew up with her stories, her mother's words, but she was not taught how to express emotions with concrete actions. Have you ever thought, parents and grandparents also want to be sharing every day you live?

When you have to earn a living, you realize how hard it is for your parents to earn a living and raise you. Family is a cradle of love for you, you are determined to go abroad to study abroad, is also a place to nourish the dream to you enough strength through the years in human land.

You build the plan with money

First, you learn how to save. If, at home you can randomly buy the item you like, if the bag can ask for help from parents. But for studying abroad, you can not "whine" anyone anymore. These costs will be cut to the maximum, the money will be saved until you receive monthly support.

You know how to plan for long-term use. Spending is divided into different categories, only for the right purpose you can manage your currency.

You will actively find more jobs in the cafeteria, house cleaning, child care, walks, library work, etc. Income from these extra jobs is very important for life. yours. So on the one hand you have to ensure the curriculum, moderate to ensure extra work. Although it's a bit busy, you'll learn a lot and grow up faster.

Improved problem solving skills and many other skills

With no parental protection, no close relationship to support you, you will have to learn to solve your own problems. If you do not speak new language, you must learn fast. If you do not have enough money to spend the end of the month, you must save or ask roommate. If you want to study more, try to contact the teacher to ask the topic. Want to learn good to find a Vietnamese friend to share the learning style ....

The solution to your problem is by yourself looking. From there, your problem-solving skills are enhanced. Adaptability, flexibility and adaptability will be exercised. After the first year, you will see your soft skills progress noticeably. Studying life will become much more comfortable.

You learn to party and plan travel

Days at home, watching movies in Europe and you see the party all day long, everyone wished to be like them. Study abroad, access to modern life, you will also participate in many parties from dawn to dawn. But after a few times, you will learn to be consistent with yourself, that is, the party plans to ensure health, ensure class time and important exam days.

Anyone wishing to travel anywhere through a different country to a new culture. But to get there, there are so many things you have to accomplish, there is not much time to visit the place anymore. After a year of getting used to and adjusting, you can arrange travel on vacation. And make sure that the money spent traveling is part of your financial plan.

You learn to do everything yourself

No longer serves parents, doing the homework will be difficult at first. If you do not want to be on a mess, you have to move your house yourself. Self-cooking is a way to save and protect your health. Learn American friends, he moved the house while listening to the vibrant music, just washing dishes and swish. That also helps you relax. And you see, you can easily take care of your life without relying on anyone.

Respect your privacy and that of others

The first days of study abroad, the familiarity with the new environment you are surprised. You earnestly need new friends, instructions. Even some of you even choose a friend to go to where to go together. But when it comes to catching up, life is full of other worries, not letting you spend more time on other things. You will learn to respect the lives of others and your privacy.

-To An-


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