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Learn the training strengths of the top 6 Finnish universities

According to Organization Economic Cooperation and Development, Finland is the most successful country in the world in terms of education. For many years, Finnish students have always led the way with the highest scores in the world. This is the result of an education that sets high standards for development and long-term sustainability.

Finland has many high quality universities. Of these, 6 have always held high positions in educational rankings.

1. Centria University

Founded in 1955, located in the west of Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia, Centria is one of the most active schools in the Netherlands. Centria has nearly 300 cadres who are experienced and dedicated teachers.

The school has four campuses in Kokkola, Ylivieska, Pietarsaari and Haapajarvi, offering bachelor programs in five different fields:

- Bachelor of Chemistry and Technology
- Bachelor of Industrial Management
- Bachelor of Information Technology
- Bachelor of Nursing
- Bachelor of Business Administration

Among them, Chemistry and Technology is the main training industry.

2. Arcada University

Arcada University was founded and maintained by the Arcada Stiftelsen Foundation in 1996. With the goal of building an international educational environment and applying it to the workplace, the school has achieved many outstanding achievements. According to the survey, 97% of students after graduation find the right job.

Arcada UAS currently teaches 16 majors in the areas of international trade, nursing, international business, media management, plastics, industrial management, information technology. Annual tuition is between EUR 5,000 and EUR 9,000.

The school's spearhead education is one of the most studied in international trade.

3. University of Lapland

In 2014, Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences and Kemi University of Applied Sciences Tornio merged into the University of Lapland, with 6,000 students. Lapland is located in the northernmost part of Finland - one of the "Santa Claus Village" with a well-developed service industry. Many students have agreed that Lapland is a good environment for the full development of their skills.

Of the 14 training programs of the school, there are outstanding training business is international business, tourism. Tuition is about EUR 8,000 per year.

4. Jyvaskyla University

Jyvaskyla is located in the Central, the largest city in Finland with over 50,000 inhabitants. Jyvaskyla University, located in this dynamic city, is a big plus point for international students with many job opportunities in large corporations.

Tuition fee of Jyvaskyla University is about 8,000 Euros / year. The university has 15 majors in the fields of international business, facilities management, logistics, nursing ...

5. Kajaani University

Kajaani University is located in the city of Kajaani - where the concentration of industries, many travel companies, hotels. This is an applied science university with key areas such as travel, games and car information systems.

Tuition is about EUR 6,000 per year.

6. Hamk University

Hamk is a large polytechnic school with 7 training facilities, 7,000 students and nearly 1,000 employees. The school has specialized majors in international business, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and automation.

Tuition fees range from 8,500 to 9,500 EUR per year.


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