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Learn English at the most admired schools in the world with Kaplan International English

Kaplan International English is a reliable provider of excellence in education. With 75 years of teaching experience, helping millions of students improve their career prospects.

Throughout the process of formation and development, the school has been striving to provide practical experiences for its students, making language learning more colorful, as the foundation for a promising future. Kaplan graduates are confident, mature and ready to face challenges, open to the future. Kaplan is proud that all of their students have the right to use the best tools and the chance to succeed when they graduate.

Kaplan's philosophy is not to limit learning in classrooms and textbooks, but to enjoy the benefits of fully integrated learning where you can continue to learn English outside the classroom. With Kaplan's specially developed K + training, you will rapidly improve your English speaking, writing and reading skills.

Why you should study in Kaplan:

- With a specially designed program, you will be far ahead of your English as well as all the skills you need for a better life.

- You will confidently speak, write and think in English.

- Kaplan is recognized as the most worthy and most admired learning experience abroad.

- Study in Kaplan you will have international relationships and have lifelong friends.

- You can build a CV or profile, highlight and diversity from the hottest employers.

- Kaplan promotes career opportunities and improves your work income.

Kaplan International English facilities in the world

Whether you are looking for a bustling city or a peaceful town, a place with majestic historical buildings or a land of exotic natural beauty, Kaplan can guarantee you will find it. They are assigned to a network of 42 affiliated schools. Kaplan International English is available in most beautiful cities in English-speaking countries:

- United Kingdom: London Covent Garden, London Leicester Square, Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge, Torquay, Bath, Edinburgh, Oxford, Bounremouth, Salisbury.

- Ireland: Dublin.

- New Zealand: Auckland.

- Australia: Melbourne, Sydney Manly, Sydney City, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns.

- Canada: Vancouver, Toronto.

- US: New York Soho, New York Empire State Building, Boston Fenway, Boston, Harvard Square, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Settle Downtown, Seattle Highline College, Miami, Portland, Berkeley, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles Whittier, Los Angeles Westwood, Huntington Beach Golden West College.

The schools are equipped with modern facilities (wifi, library, swimming pool, multimedia / computer room, interactive board, coffee shop, garden, outdoor area, ...) and Convenient services (travel insurance, medical, internships, work-study, UPS registration).


Various English courses

Whether you want to study a few weeks or a semester to improve your English language skills, Kaplan also offers a course tailored to your personal and professional goals.

Kaplan International offers a wide range of courses that suit different purposes and language abilities. Students will receive the support and advice of experienced professionals to choose the course that best fits their future.

In general, Kaplan has six levels of English, meaning you can always find your starting point and easily measure your progress through that level. On average, students will spend about 10 weeks to progress from the current language level to the higher level.

Main Courses of Kaplan International English

  1. Intensive English course
  2. General English Course
  3. Long-term English course
  4. You learn English while working
  5. Business English course
  6. Preparation for English exams
  7. English course experience
  8. Vocational training
  9. Kaplan United States

- Learn English in America, one of the world's largest countries, and improve your language skills while experiencing a new culture. Choose any Kaplan English School in the United States to find out more about your destination and study options.

- Study at one of the 19 schools in the United States amidst the mix of iconic and energetic symbolic cities, or enjoy the sunshine and the glamor of some of the destination beaches. the most beautiful sea in the world.

- Enjoy the world famous New York and Boston, full of energy and excitement.

- Enjoy the sunny and glamorous outdoor life of the cities of Diego, Miami and Santa Barbara.

- Explore Philadelphia and Washington, DC, cities immersed in history and politics.

- Enjoy the friendly, diverse and innovative cities of San Francisco and Portland.

- Live in a campus environment in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Huntington Beach for a try-out experience as an American student.

Kaplan US schools offer a variety of courses, including Intensive English courses, Business English courses, and exam preparation courses.

- Experience local life by staying with a native family, or enjoying independent living in sharing student accommodation with other Kaplan students.

- Kaplan can assist your student visa application to study English in the United States.

Kaplan Australia

Choose from one of 7 gorgeous and unique destinations throughout Australia, each with its pleasant climate, and the perfect combination of vibrant cities and beautiful outdoor landscapes.

Enjoy beautiful beaches and outdoor life in the cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Brisbane. Explore the natural wonders of Auckland and Cairns. Travel to southern Australia and immerse yourself in the creative cultures of Adelaide and Melbourne. Enjoy the pleasant lifestyle of Perth, the capital of Western Australia.


Tuition Fees for Kaplan International English








New Zealand


English intensified

GBP 7,385/ course

$ 12,310 / course

AUD 11,205 / course

CAD 10,840/ course

NZD 11,970/ course

EUR 7,815/ course

General English

GBP 8,395 / course

$ 11,440 / course


CAD 9,315/ course


EUR 7,090 / course

Preparation for the exam


GBP 255 / week

$ 535 / week

AUD 435 / week

CAD 445 / week

NZD 450/ week

EUR 350 / week

English Tourism

GBP 255/ week

$ 425/ week

AUD 360 / week

CAD 340 / week

NZD 360/ week

EUR 280 / week

Business English

GBP 335 / week

$ 535 / week

AUD 435 / week

CAD 445 / week

NZD 450/ week

EUR 350 / week

Kaplan International English is one of the UE school partners to participate in the "USA, Canada, Australia and other countries Education Fair 2018 "  Organized by UE Corp. and ISN. There will be many interesting and useful information about the scholarship program for you.

If interested, wish to know the details of the program and register to participate in one of two ways:

Online registration: HERE

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