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Learn about Foundation courses in Australia

Foundation courses have the biggest goal of helping international students meet their entry requirements for a bachelor's degree and quickly integrate into Australian life and study environments. Some universities are willing to accept students successfully completed the Foundation's preparatory course.

Three reasons why you should take this course

- Develop English skills

- Be living in a university education environment from the first day of school

Become part of a campus-wide community and enjoy the benefits of the University.

In the UK, students take preparatory courses with a variety of options: Law, Communication, Commerce, Computer, Art, Design, Engineering, Social Studies. General requirements for these courses are IELTS score of 4.5 to 5.5 depending on the school and you must have a high school diploma. If you want to take this course in the UK, you must be 17 years old and have an IELTS score of at least 5.0, as well as complete school placement. After this school year, international students can take higher education courses such as HNDs / HNCs / Foundation Degrees or Dip HEs to complete their Bachelor's degree.

In the United States, many universities have chosen this form of provision. At the University of Utal, the Global Pathway course is designed to help international students pursue undergraduate programs taught at Utal for a 12 month course and is divided into 3 semesters. English is the subject taught by the School of Languages. After this course, students will have 36 credits of study that can be recognized in the following programs and they will also be eligible for entry into the second year of the Bachelor's degree. At the same time, some schools offer only two-term courses, beginning in August for the fall and January for the spring. Two other universities in the United States are known for their prestigious undergraduate programs, the University of South Florida and Oregon State University.

In Australia, these courses are taught by TAFE programs (vocational and technical education programs), vocational schools and Australian universities. This foundation program is called Foundation courses to provide international students with the time to meet the academic requirements of colleges. Australia. The other purpose of these courses is to help them get acquainted with the learning environment and live there.


How long do you study?

These courses are typically designed in a one-year intensive course. However, the length of the program may be changed by the school to suit the needs of the learner. There are many students who need to study within 9 months to complete this course, but there are also people who need more time. You can even study at different times - depending on your English or professional skills.

What subjects are there in the course?

These courses are usually offered in the following areas of study: Business, Science, Social Studies, etc., depending on their choice for the degree they are looking at. Most of these programs have a range of compulsory and non-compulsory subjects, but English is always the most important subject.

Where can I study?

You can take this program at schools, VET - Vocational Education and Training, Universities and Colleges offering TAFE programs in Education and Training. ). Many colleges also offer bridging courses for students who want to pursue a degree program but lack some of the requirements.

What is the learning environment?

These courses are taught in the style of the University, ie there are lectures in class (lecture) and tutorials (tutorials). This will help foreign students get acquainted with the method of studying later in the university. Some programs are also offered on campus, allowing you to use the University's facilities such as library, computer, home and student health care, sports facilities and even student clubs.

Are the input requirements "tough"?

To qualify for entry into a foundation course, you must complete your studies in your home country (here is a high school diploma) and a degree certificate. These results need to meet a number of spoken and written English standards, however each facility will have its own entry requirements.


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