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Large value scholarships from STNY UNIV

The State University of New York Public School Consortium (STNY UNIV) was established in June 2017 with the aim of helping students be more proactive in approaching the information of the school, support of study abroad centers in the application process and the enrollment process of Vietnamese students.

The Association is comprised of five colleges and one community college within the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest public university system in the United States. Include:

- The University of Albany - State University of New York

- State University of New York at Brockport

- Fulton Montgomery Community College - State University of New York

- State University of New York at Old Westbury

- State University of New York at Oneonta

- State University of New York at Oswego

Undergraduate and postgraduate programs with over 600 majors.
Including a dual program for students who are 16 years of age, students will study in parallel to receive the equivalent of a high school diploma and receive a college degree.

Why choose schools in the New York State University Walls Association?

- Great learning and learning opportunities in New York state, known as the economic, financial and cultural center of the United States, while New York is also the dream destination of thousands. international student.

- Schools, dormitories of schools located in residential areas, or university villages. According to statistics, 99.8% of the population of New York lives within a radius of 45 km around SUNY schools.

- Universities in the system have good education and quality in the top 10 in the US, diversified disciplines, small classrooms, experienced professors. and close to the students.

- Tuition is less than $ 20,000 a year, with scholarship opportunities up to 50% tuition.

1. University at Albany - State University of New York

New York State University in Albany (UAlbany) is a public research university with over 17,300 undergraduate and graduate students. Located in the state capital of New York. The university has nearly 2,000 international students from all over the world.


- Top 129 of the top US universities

- Top 62 public universities in the United States

- Top 120 Best Business Programs 2016. The School's Economics program has special links with Big 4 (PWC, KPMG, E & Y, Deloitte)

- 8 programs in the top 25 - and 17 programs in the top 100 of the United States

The school offers over 100 major majors + sub majors to choose from.

Conditional admission to the Intensive English Program lasts 4-8 weeks / course, flexible admission.

Transition Program - Complete university for students studying at universities and colleges in Vietnam.

2. State University of New York - Brockport

The SUNY Brockport campus is located in the ancient town of Brockport, located along the beautiful Erie Canal, home to more than 8,100 residents. This small town is located between the two big cities of New York state, Buffalo and Rochester.


- Top 58 Best Universities in the Northeast United States

- 100 schools have the best value

- The school offers a diverse curriculum with over 50 majors and over 60 undergraduate majors.

- Tuition is $ 19,000 per year

- Scholarships up to $ 10,500

3. SUNY - Old Westbury

Geographically located just 35km east of New York City's financial center and just over an hour's drive from Manhattan. The beautiful campus of Old Westbury has made it an ideal place to study. Students also have the opportunity to work in New York City or Long Island, the dream location of many students in the OPT stage after graduation.


- One of the most diverse liberal arts in the United States

- Excellent academic opportunities for undergraduate programs, with strength in journalism-media, many of our students and alumni are already working and practicing in New York City. CNN, NBC, Fox News, Cablevision, etc,.) The school's employment counseling and development center is dedicated to supporting students from career orientation, to job seeking after graduation.

- Tuition is $ 18,086

- Scholarships up to $ 7,000 per year

4. SUNY - Oneonta

New York State University at Oneonta is located in Oneonta, in the heart of New York state, between Albany and Binghamton, just 4 hours drive from New York City. Oneonta University is large enough to hold exciting activities, small enough for students to have their own space. The College has 70 majors, 70 undergraduate and 7 pre-professional programs, each designed to help students prepare for a successful career or prepare for graduate study.


- Top 100 schools offering the best value (Bloomberg)

- Top 47 Best Universities in the Northeast United States

- Fashion Design Associate Program with Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

5. Fulton - Montgomery Community College - SUNY FMCC

Fulton-Montgomery Community College is a New York State University (SUNY) community college located in the suburbs of New York. It is adjacent to Johnstown, with a population of about 8,500 and Amsterdam with a population of about 19,000.

Each year the FMCC receives about 125-150 international students from over 20 different countries. The number of students is about 2,800 students. The small class size and unique design allow each student to participate in and experience life in the most comprehensive school programs.


FMCC offers a dual degree program to help students complete high school (GED after two years), accepts students 16 years or older and finishes grade 10.

FMCC offers more than 50 two-year colleges or one year certificate options. In addition, FMCC has the most successful transition program among New York State University (SUNY) community colleges, with many students transitioning to four-year colleges and then the graduate program.

FMC also has an ESL program for international students who need to improve their English before starting a full-time program.

FMCC is accredited and accredited by the Association of Middle Schools and Colleges. The average class size of the FMCC is about 30 students. The University has links to all SUNY state schools and many universities throughout the United States.

As an FMCC student you will have the opportunity to experience life on campus with a variety of clubs, organizations and activities. FMCC also has a long tradition of sports. In addition, the international student club also sponsors students for trips to major cities, cultural events in the school.

6. SUNY Oswego

Founded in 1861, New York State University at Oswego is accredited by the Association of Colleges and Schools in the Central Region of the United States. Just 50 miles from Syracuse, the nation's 170th largest city, the school offers an excellent opportunity for students to practice internationally.

The School offers over 100 diverse study options, from Accounting to Zoology, including innovative programs such as Electrical and Computer Engineering, Meteorology, and Cognitive Science.

The school has received the Carnegie Foundation Award, a prominent internship program as well as student volunteer programs. Oswego special attention to practical training - both flexible to meet the needs of students and the community, and training students important skills to meet the great challenges that today's society. are facing.

Opportunity to do extra at school and opportunity to practice + Co-op attractive.


- Ranked 2nd in student satisfaction in college life in the United States, 8th in the world.

- Top 15 public universities in the US.

- Top 58 Best Universities in the Northeast United States.

- Scholarship up to $ 14,000.

- Tuition fee is 17,784 USD / year.

STNY UNIV is one of the UEB's partners in the "Study Information Day for Canada, Australia and Other Countries" in the beginning of October 2017.

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