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Lake Washington Institute of Technology: The environment places emphasis on practice and experience

Lake Washington Institute of Technology is a public school, established in 1949, located in Kirkland, surrounded by many well-known companies such as GoDaddy, Google, Astronics, Microsoft and Nintendo.

It is both a large, modern and vibrant urban center, and a comfortable and safe place for smaller communities. The scenery here has beautiful hills, gentle rivers, green trees and a temperate climate that makes North America an enjoyable place to live - with a strong appeal to people around the world. gender.

The Lake Washington Institute (LWTech) is a state-of-the-art education facility that equips students with current and future career opportunities that provide the industry's most up-to-date training services. Around the world.

Small class size, accelerated the pace of teaching, created a close relationship between the discipline and many international students.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology graduates are expected to make the most out of their careers, their academic achievements and their graduation results.

Graduates are able to take on high-paying, fast-paced engineering positions, have the opportunity to practice and receive professional training with well-known professionals.


- Creative Licensing Program with hands-on experience.

- No TOEFL required for admission

- Students receive support and attention from the time they apply for graduation

- Near Microsoft, Amazon, Google, GoDaddy, Astronics, Nintendo and other tech / electronics companies

- Low fee

- small classes (average 20-25 students)

- Scholarship opportunities



Diploma of Transition

All LWTech Transition Diplomas transfer to a degree program here or another four-year university. LWTech offers a variety of degrees designed for students intending to transfer to four-year institutions to study subjects:

- Biological

- Business

- Computer science

- Construction Management

- Teaching math

- Pre-Nursing

- Technology (industrial technology / mechanical engineering and technology / electrical / computer)

- Pre-Engineering Computer and Electrical

- Pre-Engineering, Civil, Aerospace, Industrial, Materials Science

Our Applied Science Transfer Diploma is based on engineering courses to assist students in jobs in specific occupations. The degree requirements are generated largely by people working in the industry who hold positions in the Advisory Board at LWTech.



LWTech currently offers 6 bachelor degrees and will continue to have other programs. Current programs include:

- Bachelor of Applied Science: Oral Hygiene, Information Technology: Computer and Software Development, Digital Electronics and Interactive Communications, Public Health, Shipping, Logistics, and Management. Supply Chain Management

- Bachelor of Technology in Applied Design

Complete high school

These programs allow students to earn a high school diploma, while earning college credit for a transferable college or bachelor degree. Students must be 16 years of age at the time of admission, and have completed the 10th grade.

Intensive English Program

LWTech provides an Intensive English Program (IEP) and Bridge Program. The IEP prepares students for undergraduate study, and is open to anyone who wants to learn English. Students who submit applications without a TOEFL / IELTS score are accepted into the IEP, and continue their official program. Students entering the undergraduate degree program will be given a new I-20, which specifies the degree program they intend to study.


Scholarships for international students

The school offers scholarships to both new and existing students through the LWTech Foundation. Please visit the LWTech website for more information and to apply. New students must submit high school transcripts and / or official transcripts that have been translated into English for scholarships, as there are many forms awarded on academic merit.


The academic year 2016-2017

Tuition fees - in 3 quarters (9 months): $ 10,163

Cost of Living: $ 8,973

Other types (insurance, books, etc.): $ 1,825

Total: $ 20,961


Nguyet Nhi


HOTLINE: +84 1800 6972 (FREE CALL)

Head Office

Address: 21 Mai Thi Luu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC​

District 1 Branch - HCMC

Address: 28C Mai Thi Luu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC​

Tan Phu District Branch - HCMC

Address: 445 Luy Ban Bich, Hiep Tan Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

Da Nang Branch

Address: 272 Nguyen Van Linh, Thac Gian Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City