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La Trobe University – One of Top 100 leading universities all over the world

With a sustainable reputation, La Trobe University is the one of leading universities about education for over 40 years

With a sustainable reputation, La Trobe University is the one of leading universities about education for over 40 years.

Here is highlighted information about La Trobe University

Be established in 1964, La Trobe is the third oldest university at Victoria State, Australia. Main campus of La Trobe University locates in suburb of Bundoora. After over 50 years of establishment and development, nowadays, La Trobe University works in 08 campuses along the state, gathers excellent faculties with academics education qualification and high experience, a great number of students_ 21,000 students in Melbourne campus and over 50 at other campuses_ Australian students and foreigners from over 90 different countries of the world.

School confidently prides for their fame among thousands of universities over the world by high teaching quality and professional research environment formed in the past time:

= In 2005, school was listed among the 100 Best Universities of the world (According to Appendix of Times Higher Education (THE) in UK)

In 2006, school was voted at First Rank in list of Top 10 Best Universities in Australia.

In 2014, this school was voted at 75th position in Top 100 Universities under 50 years of establishment by Times Higher Education.

= In 2014, school was also in Top 100 Elite Universities of the world by evaluation of QS World University Rankings.

= La Trobe University makes a highest rate of students in getting jobs after graduation and working in many different careers at government, social organizations and multinational groups all over the world.


Reasons that make La Trobe University become attractive with you:

    1. International reputation: As mentioned above, La Trobe University was in the list of leading universities not only in Australia, but also in the world.

    2.Excellent academic achievement: La Trobe University with over 30 research centers which were combined with over 200 world universities. Department of lecturers who are reputable professors always get honor awards in their great researches. Therefore, environment of study and research of school are usually highly appreciated.

    3. A university communication of friendliness and hospitality: La Trobe University is the school of over 26,000 students, among of them there are 4,500 international students from 90 different countries. This diversity makes this school become a study environment of safety, friendliness and harmony for all of foreign students.

    4. Global education network: La Trobe University is the one who founded International Network of University (INU) creates combination in teaching activities, international student exchange that help students getting opportunities to approach the global education network.

    5. Guarantee for future career after graduating: With a strong network of combination and their trust, students graduated from La Trobe University will quickly get good jobs in any nation or organization of the world. School also provides career services in order to prepare students to successful jobs.

And there are so many other reasons from this high quality school that will encourage you to come to Australia right now. Experience and share with us! In the middle of April of 2016, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thoi_UE Chairman will visit and meet La Trobe University. Hope this visit will tighten relationship between UE and La Trobe University. Let see some photos from this event!

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