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Jacksonville State University: One of the great and prestigious universities in the United States

Jacksonville State University is a public university in northeastern Alabama, United States - highly regarded for the quality of education, providing knowledge and skills to students in the country and internationally.

Studying in Jacksonville provides students with many opportunities to participate in a variety of community research projects and other direct production sectors - these are real programs that contribute to serving the people of the region and in the state. has been maintained over 125 years.


1. Be certified and accredited

Jacksonville State University is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges as one of the largest and most respected universities in the United States.

Jacksonville State University is also on the list of top US universities for quality teaching and student support services.

2. Large area

The campus consists of 79 buildings spread over approximately 464 acres in Jacksonville, Alabama. There are also other campuses in Anniston, Gadsden, and Fort Payne, Alabama. Jacksonville State University.

3. Diverse students from many countries

The number of students studying at Jacksonville State University is up to 9,000, of which nearly 300 are international students, from all over the world, creating a diverse and colorful community. sharp.

4. Quality training

The prominent disciplines of the school are computer science, finance, international business, graphic design, engineering application, manufacturing application, technical electronics, sports management and onion. main.

5. Environment friendly

The city where the school is located is quite quiet, safe for students. Students have a good chance to focus more on research and communication with students and indigenous peoples.

During their studies, students will be able to take part in campus work, internships to improve their future skills.

The ratio of students and faculty is 19: 1. With this ratio, students have the opportunity to interact with lecturers in the most exciting classes.


6. Top priority policy for international students

Jacksonvilee State University always considers international students to be an important part of them. As a student of the school, international students will be enrolled in international student organizations, athletic teams, and be eligible for a seat on the student government board.

International students and their culture are officially recognized annually through international activities week on campus. In addition, the school offers many opportunities for international students to explore the Jacksonvilee state, other states, and American culture in general.

During the course of study at this school, students will receive support from the school office when they encounter any financial problems, schooling, housing, insurance, etc.

7. Cost of living and reasonable tuition

The average tuition fee is $ 14,832 per year

Insurance: 1,200USD / year

Housing and living: $ 11,580 / year

Mandatory fee: 750USD

Attending a good quality school like Jacksonville State University, at such a cost is perfectly reasonable for international students.

8. Admission Periods

Spring and fall.


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