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Irma, hurricane prepared to 'submerge' the United States

Hurricane Harvey just temporarily, leaving heavy damage utopia, the United States has prepared for a new hurricane more dangerous than the "Hurricane Irma" the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic , killing at least three people and destroying much of the Caribbean.

Irma landed on Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands on Sept. 6.

Barbuda was heavily damaged

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne said this intense fifth hurricane destroyed about 90 percent of homes and facilities on Barbuda.

"Barbuda is just a rubble," Browne told ABS Radio Radio in Antigua. The island is home to 1,800 people.

Most of the houses in Barbuda are roofed

High-altitude images of Barbuda after Hurricane Irma swept through the entire tree were overturned, vehicles were overturned and ruins were everywhere.

In other parts of the Caribbean, houses were also destroyed, roads were flooded and people were trapped after a "monster storm" the size of France.

The scene is desolate in St. John's, the capital of the largest city of Antigua and Barbuda

Heavy rain, strong winds from the storm also washed the islands of Antigua, St Barts and St Martin (French).

French officials say St Barts and St Martin (about 40% of Dutch territory) have been severely damaged by the collapse of government buildings.

Hurricane Imar has caused power outages and flooding in Puerto Rico

At noon on September 6, a hurricane centered on the St. Thomas Island on the Virgin Islands, about 32km east-southeast, 144km east of San Juan, Puerto Rico and moving west-northwest. with speed of 25km / h.

Hurricane Irma, with winds of 295 km / h, is expected to hit Florida on September 10. Florida has declared a state of emergency as people begin to hoard supplies. With winds of 295 km / h (much stronger than 210 kph winds of Hurvey landings in Texas), Hurricane Irma will cause waves up to 3.5 meters high, heavy rain and flooding. Severe in the areas affected by the storm circulation.

Before the state of emergency, canned and bottled water was cleaned up by a local convenience store in Florida, USA. In addition, gas, food, clean water, medicines, and gasoline are among the most popular items consumers are accustomed to before Irma. The state of Florida has demanded that 7,000 National Guard troops in the state report for missions on September 8. Helicopters and water rescue vehicles have been flown to Florida in response to Hurricane Irma.

Irma's September 5 satellite image was published by the United States Naval Meteorological and Regulatory Agency (NOAA)

An employee at the US National Meteorological Service is watching the events of Hurricane Irma

Bottled canned and bottled water at a convenience store in Florida, USA

People queue to buy gas in Miami, Florida. Food, clean water, medicines, gas and gas are among the items most people stockpile before Hurricane Irma

People store sand in sacks. These sacks will be used to reinforce doors, windows, roofs

Some residents are required to leave the accommodation area. Before the evacuation, they threw furniture into a swimming pool to avoid the objects being blown in during the hurricane

Hurricane Irma impacted the lives of about 25 million people and was the second largest hurricane in a month landed in the United States.



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