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Introducing the eChrich program at Spring Chestnut Hill Academy

Do you dream of owning your own company or developing large products? Feel creative inspiration when you discover how to use design thinking to create objects, services, and experiences that will help you live better.

Location: Philadelphia, United States

Type of program: Study abroad
Degree: University

Program description:

This program is designed for students who wish to explore great ideas and create sustainable solutions to economic challenges. The program is a global business management training organization offered through the SCH Academy.

The program gives students a way to explore design and business thinking. The entrepreneurSchift program, aka eSCHift, is created with the desire to provide students with creative confidence and leadership skills. Each program is structured into three main components: Business spirit, design thinking, and global leadership.

Students participate in four types of programs: workshops with mentors, cooperative projects, social activities and tourism. Students will travel throughout Philadelphia and often have day trips to New York City to get in touch with business ideas, meet with business leaders, and visit company headquarters. The programs are located on the campus of Chestnut Hill Springs Academy in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The program is open to students from all over the United States as well as to students from around the globe.

On the show, you will have the opportunity to develop your own ideas or join an international team to create something special! The eSchift program will help you understand how to use design thinking to solve difficult problems. The program offers six programs including fashion and apparel, culinary arts, gaming and mobile application development, social innovation, business biology and design.

DESIGN & RENEWAL: Through collaborative projects, students apply the principles of thought design to develop a sympathetic perspective, gain insight from good observations and ask questions. When they navigate complex issues.

CREATE A SOLUTION: Students work on projects that are targeted to the specific needs of an organization or user group. Students become the creators of the solution. Change the manufacturer. Contribute creatively.

LEADERS: Students gain relevant skills and confidence in their leadership.

PARTNERS: Highly interactive eSCHift and teamwork. We provide dynamic opportunities for dialogue and cooperation.

WORLD'S DISCOVERY: eSCHIFT participants visit business organizations, local culinary experiences, and see milestones in a number of major cities.

EXPOSURE TOOLS: Not only does eSCHift students work with a wide range of advanced digital tools and applications, they really create them!

$ 3000 USD. Tuition includes accommodation, meals and all materials. Scholarships available!

For more information, please visit: https://www.studyabroad.com/institutions/springside-chestnut-hill-academy/eschift-286990

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