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International Students House (ISH) and University of the Arts London (UAL) Graduate Scholarships

The ISH/UAL Graduate Scholarships are combined tuition fee and residential scholarships offered to international students

Guidelines for Applicants

   The ISH/UAL Graduate Scholarships are combined tuition fee and residential scholarships offered to international students with the ability and potential to make an exceptional contribution to the creative community. Applications are specifically encouraged from students from emerging countries whose financial circumstances may otherwise prohibit them from the benefit of further study and in realizing their full potential. Please visit this link to ISH’s website to review the list of countries they specifically work with: 


   Three ISH/UAL Graduate Scholarships are offered for the 2015/2016 academic year and are the product of a partnership between International Students House, one of London’s largest residences for international students and the University of the Arts London, one of world’s leading art and design institutions.


Eligibility Criteria

   In order for us to accept an ISH/UAL Graduate Scholarship Application from you, you must:

   - hold a course offer for one of the following courses based at LCC or Camberwell London College of Communication:

  • MA Publishing
  • OR Camberwell College of Arts:
  • MA Visual Arts: Book Arts
  • MA Visual Arts: Designer Maker
  • MA Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital
  • MA Visual Arts: Illustration
  • MA Visual Arts: Printmaking

*Note the scholarship for Camberwell pertains to the Extended fulltime 2-year version of these courses, NOT the full-time, 1-year version)

   - be assessed as an ‘international’ student (paying the international fee level)

   - Be willing to be a part of a multi-cultural, diverse student residential community

   - Be in financial need where the awarding of this Scholarship would enable the applicant to pursue the course of study they may not otherwise be able to

   You must also be an undergraduate student expecting to graduate with a good bachelor’s degree (with Honours) from a Higher Education institution by 31 July
2015, or be a graduate who has already gained a good bachelor’s degree from a Higher Education Institution. Alternatively, you might have substantial equivalent and applicable work/professional experience.

Value of the Scholarship

   Each ISH/UAL Scholarship is worth the value of the tuition fees of the course and the value of a single room at International Students House where the student will reside during their studies. The Scholarship also covers meals taken in the ISH restaurant up to the value of £2,000 for the 2015/2016 academic year. For the Camberwell courses, please note that as each course is an extended 2-year programme, the tuition fees will be paid for both years but the housing bursary is only for the first year. You must therefore think about how you will fund your living costs for your second year in London.


International Students House (ISH)

   ISH is an extraordinary place for international students who are studying in London. It offers a culturally diverse environment where students from all over the world come to live together, share each others cultural experiences and enjoy the full programme of social and recreational activities that the House has to offer. ISH’s goal is to promote global friendship, trust and education for all and their scholarship programme provides talented students an opportunity to study in London where ordinarily they would not have the resources to do so.


Requirements of Scholarship Holders

   The successful candidate must bring their award letter with them to enrolment to show that their fees are being paid via this Scholarship and must also show this
award letter to International Students House at check-in. The Scholarship funds will not be paid directly to the student.

   The successful candidate must enrol on their programme in the same academic year that they have applied for funding. If the candidate is unable to do this for any reason, the Scholarship will be withdrawn.

   Scholarship holders are expected to attend all timetabled classes and tutorials, excepting periods of absence due to illness, covered by a doctor’s certificate.
Attendance will be monitored and any student with an unacceptable attendance record risks termination of their Scholarship.

   Scholarship holders are expected to attend a small number of College, University and International Students House events where scholarship support to potential
donors will be promoted. Such events may occur during and/or after completion of the candidate’s course.

   Scholarship holders will be expected to donate up to 10 hours per month of service to International Students House in some way.

   The University will terminate the Scholarship if registration lapses on any grounds, other than temporary suspension of study due to extenuating circumstances. These circumstances must be drawn to the attention of the relevant course director through formal procedures and upheld by the College Extenuating Circumstances Panel.


Applying for an ISH/UAL Graduate Scholarship

   The application form and scholarship deadline information is available from the University’s website.

   The number of applications we receive for these scholarships will far exceed availability and therefore many applicants will be unsuccessful. It is extremely
important that your application form is fully and accurately completed and submitted on time as we will not accept late or incomplete applications. If you are graduating this academic year, your degree results will be checked independently by the University.

Where and When To Send Your Application

   You must first hold a course offer on one of the eligible courses before we can accept a scholarship application from you.

Please email your application to m.chatton@arts.ac.uk or send your application to:

Melissa Chatton
International Admissions
University of the Arts London
272 High Holborn
London, UK

Assessment Procedure

   Applications will be assessed according to merit and financial need by a selected panel of tutors at University of the Arts London and by International Students House. The Panel may request to interview applicants in which case face to face interviews will be held in London. If you cannot attend in person, arrangements will be made for you to be interviewed by video-conference or telephone. Candidates who are selected for interview will be notified of this by telephone and email.

   The Panel will make their final selections by marking the quality of the application and interview (where applicable), the preparedness for high quality study in the
discipline area, and the articulation of how an ISH/UAL Graduate Scholarship will contribute to the applicant’s study goals, personal development and long-term career aims.

Notification of Scholarship Outcome

   Successful applicants will be sent an email and an original award letter which may be required for visa purposes. The award letter will be posted to the correspondence address on your application form. You must inform us in writing if your address changes so that we can contact you at the correct address.
Award winners will receive an acceptance form with their award letter and this must be returned by post, fax or email as soon as possible. If you do not consent to the terms and conditions of the scholarship, it will be withdrawn. The top three applicants will be ranked, in order of priority, and held in reserve. Should any of the recipients choose not to accept their scholarship, or do not enrol, the University will inform the next most successful applicant immediately should a scholarship become available.

   Unsuccessful applicants will be informed of the final decision by email so please do not telephone or email us to ask about the outcome of your application—you will automatically be informed of the outcome of your application when the results are determined and available, after the scheduled decision date on our website. We regret that we are unable to provide candidates with feedback on their scholarship applications.