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International students: 4 tips for a healthy life

Going to study abroad, which many people have never been away from the family real fruit is not a simple problem. And to live in the land of people in the most healthy way, you have to train yourself good habits, both physical and mental. This article will help international students or even those who are about to embark on a path of study that will lead to a healthy lifestyle for international students.

Make more friends
Friends are important people to help you overcome the difficult times and the loss of culture shock when you first set foot on another country. No matter what country they are, they will all have the same characteristics of international students: dynamic, enthusiastic and sociable. Stay tuned to learn the language, how to live and adapt to their new life. Another factor is that they will be the people who will be with you a long way later, the most clear lenses of the cultures of the countries, the international relations you have. In addition to studying in class, with them playing sports, cooking or traveling and exploring new land during the time of international students, it is very interesting you!

Know how to spend and save
Financial management is never easy, especially when your parents are given a large amount of money in their account to cover tuition and living expenses. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you do not know how to spend properly, you will quickly fall into "out of money" status before the pay period (overtime) or from the parents. Many people are stressed because they do not know how to use the money properly. The problem that I also had that lafdo not aware of the value of money in the country to study it is much different than Vietnam, that is, you do not know what the currency unit it is, How is the value converted? Historically, you know that a $ US is worth around 23,000 VND, but when you spend about $ 100, $ 200 you do not know what you can do or buy in the US. . I was also very sorry that initially I did not know for the Americans, $ 100 was not a small amount, even the teachers at my school, they said that with them to buy a $ 50 shirt is a wholesaler. . I once bought a wrong item, worth about $ 13, my classmate (who has a 10 year green card in the US) told me to return it and get it back. "$ 13 is not a small amount" . From then on I became more aware of how to spend the US dollar. If you have ever been comfortable with spending money in Vietnam, you should learn how to plan for the necessary expenses such as tuition, meals, lodging, sports and so on. Other side activity. A little tip is that when you come to the US, you will be very tempted by luxury goods, because if you are in Vietnam, you have to spend some months to buy the watch or handbag brand. It's hard to do, just two weeks, you can own the item. I do not have to advise you to save money, but to advise you to spend reasonable money to avoid being bagged at the end of the month or with the money you want to save, you can still get a good amount of travel!
Adjust your eating and exercise
America is home to many fast food brands, not to mention other famous brands from other countries. If you are a fast food fan, you will not be able to resist the taste of them. However, that is the reason why Americans are so easy to gain weight and overweight. Compared with Asians, Western and American states with a larger physique sometimes double, in part due to genes, in part due to their diet. For you, if you do not want to gain weight uncontrollably, or have a healthy diet, try to add vegetables and fruits to your diet. You will not be too hard to find Asian food, as most areas where there are Vietnamese and Chinese live, there will be Asian markets, but the food is more refined, more sugar and grease will also flourish everywhere. So, try to control your diet. If you eat gas drop, remember to add a few exercises to accompany, both help to exercise and help you balance your body.

Practice good habits and give up bad habits
Instead of staying up late, try to sleep more properly, instead of surfing for hours, spend an hour reading, less 1 hour watching movies to learn something new language, cook a dish, Learn about another country's culture or learn English. For me, I like writing, and I spend most of my time reading and writing. Especially instead of sitting in the restaurant when the groove is trying to go out more to find out where you live, that should be the motto of the students.

The above is just a small advice of a student like yourself, you can apply to suit your own circumstances. In fact, living and studying in a more advanced country has been a blessing, so take every opportunity to improve your knowledge!

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 4 June, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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