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Industrial Revolutionary Age 4.0 and Hot Topics in the UK

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is growing at a rapid pace and is changing every industry in every country. Such rapid development has brought about profound changes in the occupational structure and division of labor in the whole society.

Understanding this trend helps future generations to adapt to the roles they need to take on the job and can make the right career choices

The 4.0 revolution is to connect intelligent management and production facilities to create digital convergence between industry, business, functions, and processes.

This revolution will take place in three main areas:

1 / Digital

Artificial Intelligence: AI is a discipline in the field of computer science. It is a human-made brain with the goal of helping computers automate intelligent behaviors.

- Internet of Things (IOT): Internet, or, more specifically, the Internet Network of Things or Internet Connection is a network in which the equipment and means of transport ("connection devices" and "smart devices"), rooms and other facilities embedded with electronic components, software, sensors, actuators and Network connectivity enables these devices to collect and transmit data.

Big Data is a term used to treat a very large and complex set of data that traditional data processing applications can not handle. Large data includes challenges such as analysis, data collection, monitoring, search, sharing, storage, transmission, visualization, query and privacy.

2 / Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the study and application of living organisms in combination with technological processes and equipment to produce products and produce on an industrial scale with biological products for the benefit of the child. and at the same time, socio-economic development and environmental protection.

3 / Physics

- 3D Technology: 3-D is actually an acronym for 3-Dimension. The 3-D technique that is commonly used today is often associated with the concept of "3D graphics" - images that are created in a realistic way with the help of parts. soft computer graphics.

- A robot is a machine that can perform tasks automatically by the control of a computer or programmable electronic circuits. Robot is a mechanical, artificial, virtual agent, usually a mechanical - electronic system.


Major majors in these three areas in the UK

Over the next 15 years, the demand for labor in the three areas is forecast to be extremely strong, so it is essential to study these disciplines to meet the needs of employers.

Some of the top three courses in the UK are:

1 / Digital

University of Coventry

- Bachelor (Honors) Multimedia Computing

- Business Information Technology BSc (Honors)

- Computer Science BSc (Honors)

- Bachelor (Honors) computer

- Bachelor (Honor) German hacking & security network

- Game BSc (Honor) technology

- BSc (Information Technology)

- IT Specialist (optional foundation year)

- Bachelor (Honors) in Mathematics & Data Analysis

University of Bournemouth

- BSc Computer Network (Honors)

- Business Information Technology BSc (Honors)

- Information Management BSc (Honors)

- Bachelor (Honors) in Computer Forensics & Security

- Bachelor (Honors) computer

- Cyber ​​Security Management BSc (Honors)

- BSc (Honors) program

Aston University

- Bachelor (Honors) computer for business

- Bachelor (honor) scientific calculations

- Bachelor (Honors) Multimedia Computing

- Mathematics BSc (Honors) with computer

- BEng (Honor) Electronic Engineering & Computer Science

- Electronics MEng (Honors) Engineering & Computer Science

- Bachelor (Honors) in Computer Science & Mathematics

University of Portsmouth

- Computer Science BSc (Honors)

- Bachelor (Honors) computer

- Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Digital Media

- BSc Computer Technology (Computer Game)

- BSc Business Information Systems (Honors)

- Bachelor (Honors) computer forensics

- Computer Science MComp

- Computer animation BSc (Honors) & visual effects

- Innovative Media Technology BSc (Honors)

- Bachelor of Business Administration in Digital Marketing

- BSc Software Engineering (Honors)

- BSc Music and Sound Technology (Honors)

- Management Systems & Business BSc (Honors)

- BSc (Honors) Music Computing

- Bachelor of Business Administration

- Bachelor of Business Administration & Digital Media

- Business computer games BSc (Honors)

Queen's University of Belfast

- Computer Science BSc (Honors)

- Computer Science MEng (Honors)

- BEng Computer Science (Honors)

- BEng Software Engineering (Honors)

- Computer Science and Computer Science MSci (Honors)

- Computer Science MEng (Honors)

- BSc Computer Science (Honors)

- Informatics & Information Technology BSc (Honors)

- BEng Software (Honor) & Electronic Systems Engineering

- MEng Software (Honors) & Electronic Systems Engineering

- Business Information Technology BSc (Honors)

- Software Engineering MEng (Honor)

- Software Engineering MEng (Honor)

Brunel University

- Computer Science BSc (Honors) (Artificial Intelligence) (optional foundation year)

- BA (Honors) in Computer Business (ebusiness)

- Bachelor of Business (Computer-Human Interaction) (optional foundation year)

- Bachelor (Honors) Business Computer (Human-Computer Interaction)

- Bachelor (honors) in computer business

- Bachelor (honors) in computer business

- Bachelor (Honors) Business Computer (Social Media)

- Bachelor (Honors) Business Computer (Social Media)

- Bachelor (Honors) in Computer Science (Software Engineering) (optional foundation year)

- Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) (Bachelor of Science)

- Computer Science BSc (Honors) (Artificial Intelligence) (Pre-University Option)

- Bachelor (Honors) visual effects with motion graphics

- Computer Science BSc (Honors) (Digital Media & Games) (optional foundation year)

- Computer Science BSc (Honors) (Digital Media & Games) (Pre-University Option)

- Bachelor of Science (Computer Networking) (optional foundation year)

- Bachelor (Honors) in Computer Science (Computer Networking) (Pre-University Option)

- Computer Science BSc (Honors) (optional foundation year)

- Computer Science BSc (Honors) (Pre-University Option)

- Visual Effects BSc (Honor) with motion graphics

- Bachelor (Honor) Business Computer (ebusiness) (optional)


2 / Biotechnology and Physics

University of Surrey

- Biomedical Sciences BSc (Honors)

- Bachelor of Science (Honors) (Optional year abroad)

- Biotechnology BSc (Honors)

- Biotechnology BSc (Honors) (Year Overseas Option)

University of Manchester

- Biomedical Sciences BSc (Honors) (Foundation Degree)

- Biotechnology BSc (Honors) (Pre-Foundation)

Lancaster University

- Biological Sciences MSci (Honors)

- Bachelor of Science (Honors)

- MSc Biology (Honors)

University of Bath

- Bachelor of Science (Honors)

- Biomedical Sciences BSc (Honors)

Kent University

Biomedical Sciences BSc

Lincoln University

- Bachelor of Science (Honors)

- MBio Biology

- Biochemistry BSc (Honors)

- Biochemistry MBio

University of Portsmouth

- Bachelor of Science (Honors)

- Biomedical Sciences BSc

Royal Holloway University

- Physics BSc (Honors)

- Physics MSci (Honors)

- BSc Astrophysics (Honors)

- Physics BSc (Honors)

- BSc Physics (Honors) with particle physics

- Astrophysics MSci (Honors)

- Physics MSci (Honors) with particle physics

- Experimental Physics MSci (Honors)

University of Manchester

- Bachelor (Honors) in Mathematics & Physics (optional foundation year)

- BSc Physics (Honors) (optional foundation year)

- BSc Physiology (Honors) with philosophy (optional foundation year)

- MPhys physics (honor) (optional foundation year)

- MMath & Physics (honor) mathematics and physics (optional foundation year)

- MPhys (physics) with astrophysics (optional foundation year)

- MPhys (honor) physics with theoretical physics (optional foundation year)

- MPhys (honor) physics with philosophy (optional foundation year)

- BSc Physics (Honors) with Astrophysics (optional foundation year)

- MPhys Physics (Honors) (Pre-University, Overseas)

- Physics BSc (Honors) with theoretical physics (optional)

University of Bath

- Natural Sciences MSci (Honors) (Year Abroad)

- Physics MPhys (Honor)

- Physics BSc (Honors) with astrophysics

- Bachelor (physics) with astrophysics (year abroad)

- MPhys (honor) physics with astrophysics (year abroad)

University of Southampton

- Physics BSc (Hons)

- MPhys (honor) physics with photonics

- MPhys Physics (Honors) with Nanotechnology

- Physics MPhys (honor) with astronomy

- MPhys (honor) physics with scientific space

- Physics MPhys (honor) (optional sandwich year)

- Physics BSc (Honors) (foundation year)

- MPhys (Foundation) physics (foundation year)

Aberystwyth University

- Physics BSc (Honors)

- BSc Physics (Honors) (Industrial & Professional Training)

- Mathematical Physics and Theory BSc (Honors)

- BSc Astrophysics (Honors)

- BSc (Honorary) Astrophysics (optional foundation year)

- MEng (Honors) in Physical Engineering (Industrial & Professional Training inc)

- Physics MPhys (Honor)

- Mathematics (Honors) / Physics

- BEng (Honors) in Physical Engineering (with five in the industry)

- Physics BSc (Honors) (foundation year)

- BEng (Honor) of Physical Engineering

- Computer Science BSc (Honors) / Physics

- Space Science BSc (Honors) & Robotics

- Physics BSc (Honors) with Planet & Space Physics

- Mathematical Physics and Theory of MMath (Honor)

- Physics BSc (Honors) with education

- MPhys Physics (Honors) (Industrial & Professional Training inc)

- MPhys (honor) physics with planet & space physics

- MPhys Astrophysics (Honor)

- MPhys Space Science (Honors) & Robotics


The article lists the most studied majors in the UK in the 4.0 Revolutionary Industrial Revolution and the list of the most well-known academies in the UK. Are you and your family interested in studying in the UK? This will be extremely useful information that we would like to send to you.

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