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With IELTS EXPRESS COURSE you can still achieve an Ielts score of 4.5 in just 3 months.

Ielts is one of the international certificates and is the world’s most popular English test for higher education and helps student have more advantages in prepare for studying abroad.

For countries like UK, Australia, Canada,… Ielts is a required certificate for students to get visa. Therefore, in order to help students have a good prepare for their plans to study abroad, Ielts Express Course was born and developed over the years.

We have an experienced, friendly and enthusiastic staff. They will help you receive the most practical benefits from every course. Joining Ielts Express Course with UE, you will enjoy many attractive benefits:

• Take the input test and have the right level placement.

• Practise Pronounce and Intonation, you will confidently speak English

• Being shared with practical experience as well as effective test-taking strategies

• Approach a plenty source of Ielts Books

• Being regularly tested by the teachers and upadate the results to have plan of improving your skills

• Free mentor (If necessary)

In addition to teachinh quality, Ielts Express Course is also very famous and professional in spacious facilities and the commitment in teaching quality. Our facilities are equiped with air conditioner and the necessary machines for teaching to help students feel comfortable when learning. There are only about 12-15 students each class. With this number, there will be close interaction between teacher and students.

We are trying our best to improve our services and ensure the quality of teaching at the good level in each course. Ielts Express Course undertakes that: Although you are just start to learn English, you will reach the minimum Ielts score of 4.5.

Each Ielts Express Course lasts 1,5 months with a reasonable fee. With the desire of bringing the best opportunities for students improve their English. Hopefully with this efford, there will be more and more UE students fullfill their dreams to conquer the peak of knowledge of English.