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ICMS - The No. 1 school in Australia for the Hospitality, Hotels and Events

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) has been ranked number one in Australia for event management and hotel management training - based on the employment rate after graduation.

This ranking was made in September 2017, by Kantar Millward Brown, the leader in research, data analysis and potential companies. ICMS achieved the highest results with 89% of surveyed companies placing the top concern for ICMS students learning this specialty when recruiting for the relevant positions. This shows that ICMS students can confidently look for work after graduation.


ICMS is located in Manly, Sydney, a beautiful beach, famous for more than 135 hotels, restaurants with 6 million tourists each year. ICMS is one of the first choice for students who are looking for internships and extra work while studying in Australia.

ICMS has more than 1,200 international students (over 35% of total students) from more than 40 countries studying here to create a multicultural learning environment that is still deeply Australian. It is an opportunity for students to approach and learn about the world culture.

ICMS Vice President Professor Chris Auld said, "We are really proud of the ICMS students' quality, all trained through a rigorous curriculum that is supported by lectures. Full of expertise and experience. The core of our curriculum is the combination of intensive theory and paid internship that has earned us the place to be the premier institution for the preparation of our students' careers. High quality graduates will contribute significantly to the growth of companies. "

ICMS is affiliated with leading companies in the industry and internship is a mandatory part of the course. This enables ICMS students to gain experience in related fields before graduation.



- ICMS focuses on integrating professionalism and comprehensive training programs, providing the foundation for a successful career. They connect the industry together.

- Students will experience a multicultural environment in one of the world's most beautiful campuses.

- Basic Principles of ICMS:

+ Encourage student-teacher contact; Collaborative development among students

+ Encourage positive learning

Provide timely feedback to help students improve and develop their understanding

Emphasize time on work and effective time management

Communicate frankly with the highest expectations

+ Respecting the diversity of talents and learning styles of each individual

- Unique curriculum:

+ The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge and applied learning

+ Training the full range of services, service management, providing the best service

Have a personal approach to teaching and learning, focusing on the individual's attention

+ Comprehensive and intensive training program, training graduates ready to work immediately.

+ Encourage students to join the community

- ICMS uses teaching and learning methods. This means that every student at ICMS is actively becoming part of general education.

- Students will learn directly from industry experts. The lecturers come from experienced institutes. ICMS is affiliated with an industry network, giving students more opportunities to experience more real-time learning. In addition, students are guaranteed the best possible job after completing the course.

- Small classes are the best way for students to learn and also strengthen the working relationship between students and teachers.

Skills for thinking, analyzing, negotiating and persuasive are the skills that a master's degree student learns to become a business leader.

- Students have the opportunity to participate in surfing trips, skiing, theater visits, visiting other universities, ...


ICMS training programs

Major training majors are business administration, event management, hotel management, restaurant management, international tourism, property management, retail strategy, sports management.

University Foundation Program

- Duration: 18 months

- Intakes: February, July

College Program

- Duration: 1 year (including 600 hours paid internship)

- Intakes: February, May, September

University program

- Duration: 2.9 years (including 9 paid internships)

- Intakes: February, May, September

Master's program

- Duration: 2 years (including 600 paid internships)

- Admission: February, July

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