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"Hunting" scholarship

"Hunting" scholarship

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Hold a free ticket scholarship entirely on his hands, the one that gaping teen likes us. But how to win tickets to this study is not a simple thing at all.

Meet her damage you have cute names-Cao Thi Thu Hien (born in 1991) through the offline time of a new group of fashion you love her know you are beautiful, this is a dynamic freshman University Foreign Trade. Then a sudden, the Declaration has received a scholarship to study in Finland-a country with the most advanced education in the world that anyone set foot dream, that all people are not out surprise.

As good students of high school 11 years Hien said Phu Nhuan but you never thought that I would be studying. Then one day, coincidentally on the forum, see information about the study, you do nibbled registration records. After two months of waiting, the final representation of the Laurea (a case that you register the student in Finland) invites you to inform exam. Flashed extremely difficult exam, his teen envisioned it as a university entrance exam result, which is composed of four parts: math logic, essays, reading, interviews, all in English. Inherently have very good English skills through cumulative learning in the classroom, learn more in the center, watching movies, listening to music a lot, though foreigners run a little bit, but you have successfully completed the test her. Now that you're arranging everything to prepare flying over Finland in the coming months. Along the course you wish it well okay!
Your message was intended for us: "It is much cultivated in English because English is the most important to your teen reaches the threshold to study!"

Nguyen Thanh Tra: Need to write an essay and apply impressive menu!
As an early 9x, you Nguyen Thanh Tra a former high school English students specializing in professional Quang Trung - Binh Phuoc. You are the people to know when each took home a consolation prize twice HSG national level in English, not piles! Then the test of time just finished college English teacher heard about a scholarship program funded by Korean, Korean inherently prefer long since seen the movies so you do the registration dossier that rubles.

 Unlike Thu Hien need examination of the scholarship program Thanh Tra just write an essay introducing themselves, plus future plans to apply a single academic record, experience during school common and some other papers is enough. Including tea, then you muzzy much attention, not knowing how to write an essay, do not know of a single burn what should apply. Then you did consult the teacher finally writing an essay is impressive to say the end of the dream, do not forget his ambition to present a little bit about yourself. Apply in the application, including all your mind "all disabilities" awards that you achieve as well as the personal experience of the school's extracurricular activities and classes. Even the longer you collect all the merit off the record whether the organizers are not required. Finally, for the record so impressive, you referred to the interview - the final step to organizing committee should decide whether you mind or not to study abroad. With private capital available, the course you pass lightly over this already. Tea is now a sophomore in Marketing, International School of Business School of SolBridge Korea.

 Your message was intended for us: "Do not ever go to the interview late, so late to the interview that I had almost no chance of over Korea and there!