Bạn cần hỗ trợ?

How to time studying to become meaningful?

Do more while studying the story was too normal for international students. However, how to choose for themselves a more suitable job and new meaning is important.

(UE)  Do more while studying the story was too normal for international students. However, how to choose for themselves a more suitable job and new meaning is important.


Choosing to study in countries with advanced education in the world, the students face learning problems and cost of living is expensive. Because of this, the need to work more to have money to cover your living expenses is inevitable. However, the true meaning of additional jobs can not just stop there.

Governments often create conditions for students to be allowed to do more in the learning process. If an international student, you are only entitled to work on campus, which means working in the unit that the school management with elements of working hours to 20 hours / week as defined previously by the immigration and migration. Only in the summer holidays or winter / spring break, new friends are made more comfortable, unlimited hours.

However, to get a good job, with regulations is not easy. Many of you chose to do more underground like nail or a waiter in the restaurant, do not serve anything for later trades but more jobs are not legal. The overtime is considered the best for the students first have a job regulated by local government, later again be related to your field of study, in order to help you apply is the knowledge learned in class and accumulated the necessary skills to serve future work.


There are many part-time jobs on campus that you can join, for example you can work at the store is open on campus that sells on school supplies, clothing logo engraved schools ... Without getting excited to become a salesperson, you can become employees adjust sound and lighting in the event, running taxi transporting students, receptionist for the departments of the university, library, student support center to guide and help the new students ...

Become a tutor for the faculty as well as your work is much the most anticipated. Ms. Mai Hanh, former University of Florida student said: "With this job, you usually do in the evening when there is no school. Her mission is preparing lectures for lecturers from the document, of which they gave. Work gently but brings many benefits. " For Nguyen Hoang Sinh graduate student at Victoria University of Wellington marketing (VUW), main income is from the tutor students and exam. Each week students have about 10 hours as assistant professor of marketing communications for students and graduate students at the school where they study. This work is both appropriate expertise of Birth simultaneously brings great income, remuneration is paid tutors to 5 times compared with the average income for office work (about 18 - 20 NZD / hours). Students work out per week could earn about 1,000 NZD. Born also involved the examination 3 semester / academic year, each semester 50 hours with remuneration 17 NZD / hour.


Contact your student support, you will be provided a list of part-time jobs at the campus. These jobs are really "hot" not just for international students but also for indigenous students anymore. So to have the means you have to face a tough competition have there.

So what to do to reach the "eye" of the professors, the university's departments ???

• Prepare yourself for a resume is clear, detailed and impressive. Let them know you are learning how aggressive, enthusiastic participation in school activities like, ... Help for he envisioned something about you as a person, curious about you, then you must have The first will be called then.
• Communication skills in English really well. English well is one thing, but you lack the delicate sensibilities of manners hardly ingratiated for professors and recruitment departments. Leave for the teachers at the school are good impression on you right from the first time to communicate offline.
• Creating a good relationship with the teachers right from the beginning to the class if you wish to become a tutors for them.
• In my experience you go ahead, the school often sympathetic to international students with good working style. If you are a professional working style and full of sense of responsibility, then the chances of success will be for you.

Study abroad is not just sitting in class and eats the dish theories in books, you absolutely can do so much more. Improve my English, accumulated more knowledge - skills - useful experiences from practice, and ... a decent amount of money to cover student life, too great for a job more in the campus is not it ???