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How to save money in Toronto, Canada

Toronto can be an expensive city. Food, shopping, activities, night life and transportation can all be pricey but there are many ways to enjoy Toronto without spending a lot of money.

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Going out for dinner can be costly. However, there are certain cuisines that are cheaper than others. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, try Ethiopian food or Korean food. Both are between $10-$15 per meal and are delicious. For Ethiopian food visit Nazareth and for Korean food visit Ka Chi. If you enjoy drinking, alcohol is much cheaper at these restaurants as well. There’s nothing more fun than getting together with friends from all over the world and cooking dinner. So stay in and let your friends teach you about food from their countries.

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Whether you want to go shopping, to a museum, to the movies or enjoy one of the many clubs and bars Toronto has to offer, there are ways to enjoy these activities without breaking the bank. If you want to visit a museum you should go when they are free or cheaper in price. The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) is free on Wednesdays. The Bata Shoe Museum is free on Thursdays and the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) is discounted on Friday afternoons. As for the movies, Tuesdays are half price and Rainbow Cinemas is the cheapest movie theatre around. As for nightlife, if you enjoy going to clubs, most clubs will let ladies in free before 11pm. Entrance to bars is usually free and some have dance floors as well. ILAC activities also offers reduced prices, so going with ILAC is usually a cheaper alternative than going yourself. We’re having a free party for ILAC students this Friday at Product nightclub (bring your invitation). The first 250 people will also get a free drink!

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The metro pass is extremely convenient and useful, however in spring, summer and fall you can get to many places by foot or by bicycle. You can rent a Bixi Bike and ride to your destination instead of using the subway. Walking is also a great way to discover Toronto, relax and get good exercise at the same time. And If you have a warm coat and some good boots, waking in fresh snow can be a lovely experience.

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There are many expensive and nice stores in Toronto. But one way to spend less and get more is to go to Vaughan Mills shopping centre. It features many outlet stores where you can purchase designer clothes for much less. Winners is another good option. They are located all over the city winners(including Yonge & Bloor) and have everything from designer clothes to shoes and accessories. You need some time to look through all the racks but if you’re patient, you can find a lot of great stuff at reasonable prices.

Happy spending!

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