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How to learn English well?

No need to talk much about English, you must have seen the importance of this "international language" in the present life. You will no longer be indifferent to English if you know that being good at English will be an extremely important advantage for studying, working, traveling or living abroad without Important professional qualification.

I. Start to learn English well

If you want to learn English well, you must first have passion for it, along with determination and perseverance.

- Plan each step in learning and try to achieve.

- Learning along with the practice, you practice speaking in front of the mirror to increase confidence and create sympathy in communication; Practice English regularly and continuously with friends, relatives or foreigners; Join the English club to listen, speak and learn.

In addition, use technology to improve your English skills such as watching movies, listening to music, and reading news in English.

- Practice the vocabulary and reinforce the vocabulary before going to bed.

- Taking online English courses is also a good idea for you. You will be able to choose the level of English that matches your current ability to learn.

II. Study method

1. Record and learn English in everything and everything

- To create a learning environment for yourself, attach English to all things and things around.

- You want to learn fast structure? Please rehearse, speak loudly and often in communication.

- Find people to practice communication, sing along the English lyrics and always correct pronunciation pronunciation for yourself.

- Regular English language proficiency test: Listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2. Learn English anytime, anywhere

- Do you like movies? What better way to do what you like and increase your English! Watch a lot of English movies, or movies with English subtitles to learn the interface from the characters in the movie.

- Relax with short jokes in English that will help you increase vocabulary and sentence patterns as well as relieve stress.

- Listen to your favorite songs often and find the lyrics to understand and try to learn words always.

In addition to the things that UE has shared, you can also create your own learning style, as long as our destination is to learn English well and effectively. Good luck!

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