Bạn cần hỗ trợ?

How to choose clothes for Vietnamese students in the US?

Starting this title, I've been thinking for a long time. Yesterday when picking clothes from the dryer, I told my roommate to go shopping to buy some clothes because the clothes brought here in Vietnam are so fast, my new friend said "yeah, clothes Vietnam can not stand washing machine here "...

That's a bit of a joke, right, so maybe the clothes you bought from Vietnam are not cheap though, but washing machines are busy too. Is always torn. And so are the Vietnamese youth who thrown into the United States, many of you can not bear to come to America.

I do not want to cluttered, I just want to mention the most important factor that every Vietnamese student, especially those who are planning to study abroad need to equip themselves. It is the ability to adapt to the environment. Do you know why Vietnamese clothes when brought to the United States are easy to crease and tear, although not bring out the sun raining it? It is because of the material. Because Vietnamese clothing, if not exported, is imported from China or inland, the fabric is just enough to meet the weather and the environment in Vietnam. Sun exposure. From fabric to garment or nightwear, it was not designed to withstand washing machines and dryers in the United States. On my first day in the United States, my host said to me that the clothes here are not exposed to air in the street, every 2 hours is enough to wash and dry, I have clean clothes to the face already. It is true that modern country is something modern. But in the end, our clothes are unbearable with the modernity of the laundry-drying duo. I started buying more clothes on this side. Which is also true, to America, then adapted to life here to every detail.
As an international student from Vietnam, you are made up of cultural, social and educational materials. You are familiar with nearly 20 years (or more) living in Vietnamese ideology, Vietnamese way of life. So, it is not difficult to understand how many students are shock culture when they first came to America. But the problem is that you need to know how to adapt to the environment and lifestyle of the new land. Clothes can be left to buy new ones, and people need to lose ways of thinking and lifestyle that are not appropriate to live in the new environment. I do not mean to recommend that you remove the cultural values ​​you have in your body, but you want to mention that you change some habits in order to quickly integrate into the environment. I was once shocked when from Hue to Saigon in college.

At that time, I was 18, was a student in the top of the school, participated in many activities in school and also many awards from the level of the commune (district) to the province (city). But when you step into Saigon, where the dynamic, positive and progressive new to create success, it seems that the things I have only help me study hard a little better not at all. What is an experiment about teamwork skills or presentation skills?
If the students are self-centered, the shock of living in Saigon initially makes me quite depressed. Because the Saigon people are busy, they have a lot to do, to learn and search. Assembly rather than time to pay attention to your happy or sad. Fortunately, when visiting the bookstore, I saw the book "Change attitude, change life." I spent time on the bus to read the book, and in just three days, everything with me started different. I started working on things with people around me, friends and neighbors, I went to find more work and started avoiding negative words in my communication, I did not go to facebook for hours and moaned That time to read newspapers and news updates, which are extremely useful for student life. Up to this point, I feel fortunate to have changed my time, enough to set myself up and pursue my dream of studying abroad. And it can be said, the habit of trying to change themselves to adapt the situation has helped me quickly integrate new environments.

Back to the "adaptability" that I mentioned earlier. Once in a paper I have said that money is not always the most important factor. Especially, with the study abroad, the prerequisite determines how long you can live in another environment, another country that is adaptive. You see, history proves that man exists and becomes dominant in nature by constantly evolving and adapting to change in nature and the environment. Therefore, if a damaged shirt you can throw away and buy a new suit but an individual who does not feel suitable for the environment, you think you can ruin yourself or keep yourself forever Sunk in the distance with no way out there? There are some principles that we need to know, that is: we can not change circumstances, we can not change other people but change ourselves to suit the living situation.

So with a student, I have some advice for you, especially those who have not left family, try to think positively as possible, try to mix with the collective New, it is the house you are renting or a group of new classmates or people you work with. Just have fun, enthusiasm and dedication, try to work in your ability.

In the US, you need to be honest. Vietnamese people in the US are no longer pure Vietnamese, so sometimes if you expect the same treatment as Vietnamese aunts, you may be disappointed. No matter how much you love them, they will encourage you to live independently and will not be tolerated, they will let you take the initiative to do what you can and not to help you, so you will be familiar with the dependency. Back in Vietnam. Do not moan or blame someone on social networking, because it means you have a bad habit of criticizing others instead of rethinking yourself. For Americans, they are very kind and polite, and American culture cares more about compliment than reproach. And especially trying to get out of the house to find out about life in America if there is a chance!

I still keep wondering the question of a new student to a month to return to the United States (return). I asked my acquaintance why he came back when he did not understand how American life was like. Maybe everyone has a reason and motive for their actions, but if he goes back home just because he has not learned how to adapt to the environment, it's a shame for an opportunity. - the thing that many people are pursuing - again being actively removed.

And if you read this article, you still do not know about the so-called "adaptability" then take Google read "cockroaches philosophy" offline. It will help you understand more about the importance of adaptation, you will have a new shirt that is more beautiful and more appropriate to American fashion than wearing a worn shirt worn forever forever nhé!

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 10 June, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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