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How to achieve a MBA scholarship in America?

Nguyen Minh Trung is looking for the American MBA scholarship to expand knowlegde and promote his job.

Nguyen Minh Trung is looking for the American MBA scholarship to expand knowlegde and promote his job.

Now he currently works for Tin Nghia company – a big company in Dong Nai with 8 subsidiaries, 5 attached units, 11 joint-venture companies. UNDP organization voted Tín Nghĩa company on one of 200 bigest Viet Nam firm. He graduated in Macquarie Universtiy Australia and had 2 working experience years in Viet Nam. However Minh Trung would like to learn more about knowlegde and skill to promote his career.

He already known that studying MBA in America by scholarship really struggles. This is a reason why he would like to get supports from UE. In mentoring 1:1 period with Mr Nguyen Nhan Duc- event coordinator of UE, he is very opening and honest to express his aspriration. Mr Duc consulted Trung some information and how to apply into a suitable university.

To Mr Duc’s hunting scholarship experience, he gave Trung many advices about the way to choose university, how to prepare profile and make a special apply.

As illustrations:

- Apply profile as soon as possible. He should apply immediately when that university begins a scholarships program.

- Get introducting letter from who he used to work with. It depends on specific cases, he need to have 1,2 or 3 introducing letters.

- GMAT is one of factors make his profile more specially. In order to get high GMAT score, he should learn and practise hard. Learning as a group is one of the best ways.

- To CV, instead of listing what he did, where he was, etc, showing which skills he learned is appreciated more. In the beginning of CV, he needs to make a short and impress description to show who he is.

- Learn how to balance studying and working.

- Orient essay topic that he will do in the ending course and determine clearly the way he will go after graduating.

After that mentoring period, Mr Duc helped Trung answer a part of questions about how to prepare profile and choose the suitable university. In the next time, Trung will contact Mr Duc regularly to get his supports. Beside, Trung will complete a outline of essay through Mr’s Duc guides, then starting writing the essay and learning GMAT. We hope he will make his dream come true soon.