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How much does it cost to study in the UK?

Being a European country owning a perfect, "royal" education system, but equally modern with its long history, the United Kingdom is now, and will be. It is the top destination chosen by many Vietnamese students for their study abroad. Therefore, the cost of studying in the UK is always hot money for those interested in this "Royal Kingdom".

To help you understand more about studying in the UK as well as prepare yourself the most solid foundation before studying abroad, UE will give you a detailed view on this issue in the article below.
1. Tuition

If you choose to study in the UK, tuition is your first priority. The fact is that tuition costs can cost up to half of your UK study budget and family expenses.

You will have to pay the tuition fee for international students when you come from Vietnam. On average, the tuition fee will range from £ 12,000 to £ 18,000 per year, which may be less, or more, depending on the school and majors you choose. For example, for medical or MBA courses your tuition fees may be as high as 20,000 or 40,000 pounds.

UK tuition fees, in addition to lectures and practice, also allow students to access books and books at the library, use modern computers at the school, use sports facilities, Studio, ... in the school.

2. Housing

The place you choose to live will decide whether or not the price of your home is worth the cost. In England, the most expensive area is the South East and London. Your cost of living will be the second largest fee after tuition, ranging from £ 300 to £ 1,000 per month.

For international students, you have the choice of staying in a dormitory, at a friend's house, living with a homestay, or renting a group or renting a house.

3. The utility bill for the family

A small suggestion for you is that if you choose to live in a dormitory, most homeowners utility bills, electricity bills, gas bills, etc. are included in the cost of housing. If you choose to live alone then you should be prepared for yourself to spend a month from 50 to 70 pounds offline.

4. Consumer goods and food costs

According to international students in the United Kingdom, food in this country is relatively cheap compared to many other countries in Europe with the cost you need to prepare is from 240 to 320 per month.

If you want to save money then you should buy materials at supermarkets and cook at home. Eating out or buying food will increase your budget a little. You have a reasonable choice as a school canteen.

5. Transportation

With this problem, you will have to spend about 600 to 700 pounds per year, or no cost depending on the transportation you have to choose. Therefore, what UE Study wants to remind you is to pay particular attention to the distance from home to school when choosing a place to live, as this will determine whether you must travel by bus, bus , Train, subway, bicycle or walking.

6. Shopping and entertainment

This depends on the habits and preferences of each person, usually costing between £ 280 and £ 300 a month, according to a survey of UK students. In addition to studying, you should be involved in social activities and making friends, which will greatly benefit the life of a student who is away from home.

You can spend the cost of watching a weekend movie, clubbing an event, or buying a present for a friend when invited to a birthday party.

If you love sports, England is an interesting destination, as you can easily find parks or outdoor sports areas. In addition, you can also join sports clubs organized by the student body on campus.

7. International flight

This fee is for you to fly to the UK for study. This fee will range from £ 500 to £ 1,600 or more, depending on the number of trips between Vietnam and England.

Make sure that the new life of an international student in a modern country like the UK will bring you more enjoyable experiences and more interesting things than you think.

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