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How much does it cost to study in Canada?

In recent years, studying in Canada is very attractive to international students, especially Vietnam. The most common questions asked by families and all students who plan to study in Canada are how much money do they need? What are the tuition and living expenses when studying in Canada? What plans should be made to reduce the cost of studying in Canada?

With a good remuneration for students and a modern learning environment as well as modern living in Canada, the cost of studying in this country is always a big problem and is of interest. Immediately after, UE Study and you will work out a list of necessary expenses together!

I. Tuition (Exchange Rate: CAD 01 ~ 17,000)

The cost of studying in Canada is not too expensive and depends very much on the program, school and province of your choice. Average tuition fees in this country are aggregated by UE as follows:

However, if you study in fields such as Law, Medicine, MBA in professional schools, tuition will be higher than the average in the table above.

In particular, in some provinces there are reimbursement programs for students after graduation if students stay in Canada.

II. Accommodation (Rate: 01 CAD ~ 17.000 VND)

You can contact the International Office at the school to provide necessary information and assistance in finding housing on and off campus for international students.

Most colleges and universities in Canada have dormitories located on campus and international students will choose here in the first year. Often each dorm room will have 02 students, public areas such as kitchens, sports areas or laundry rooms will be shared.

In addition, you can rent apartments outside the school along with some friends. With this type of service, you will be expected to pay extra for monthly bills such as electricity, gas, phone, internet, etc.

An ideal option for homestay students to stay with. With homestay, you will be able to save on the cost of meals and subsistence allowances, especially you will be able to improve your living skills and improve your English through regular activities with native speakers. And daily.

III. Travel expenses

Depending on the distance between the place of stay and the school, Canadian students will have access to transportation options such as public transportation, buses, metro, walking or biking.

Often, you should prepare about 90 to 100 CAD per month for traveling in this country.

IV. Basic living expenses

It is obvious that eating is indispensable in this list. The cost of eating and drinking is dependent on the lifestyle and needs of each student, with an average of around 250 to 350CAD per month and can be much higher if you choose to buy expensive or often eaten items in the restaurant. The UE suggests to you some cheap supermarkets that can be found all over Canada such as No Frills, Super Store, Walmart, ...

Clothing and essential daily expenses can occupy your 25 - 50 CAD per month. Of course, this level of spending will increase if you have a preference for buying clothes at designer stores. The secret to being able to save is that you can shop at stores selling old clothes and belongings at a very low cost.

On Internet and telephone charges, you will probably need to pay CAD 75 - 120 per month for these two types of services while studying in Canada.

V. International Flight

As far away from home, traveling by air can not be ignored. Depending on the time you booked, the type of ticket you booked or your travel frequency between Vietnam and Canada, this level ranges from $ 500 to $ 2,000 per year.

Understand your expenses when deciding to study abroad. Make a budget and follow the spending guidelines, and save yourself money on unexpected and larger spending. With these suggestions, UE hope you will have the experience when studying in Canada is perfect.

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