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Houston Community College

Houston Community College was etablished in 1976. The campus is situated in Houston- a large area of Texas State to meet the quite huge demand of native and international students.

   Houston Community College was etablished in 1976. The campus is situated in Houston- a large area of Texas State to meet the quite huge demand of native and international students.

   Houston Community College is recognized by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.Number of students at HCC that transfer to universities are more crowded than those at other community colleges in Texas State. There are more than 75000 students at HCC including nearly 6000 international students all over the world.

   Houston Community College has 6 main campuses: Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast and Colleman in the medical field.


   Information of HCC can be viewed at: http://www.hccs.edu/portal/site/hccs/

Why choose Houston Community College:

  • Advanced teaching quality in the country with the best education in the world.
  • Reasonable percentage of students/teachers is 26/1.
  • A lot of opportunities to study, variety of programs with more than 70 disciplines.
  • Curriculum and requirements are suitable with Vietnamese students.
  • Modern training technology- students are accessed with the most modern technologies.
  • Opportunities of research, experience in teaching and real program (HCC provided the training for more than 2 million students).
  • Flexibility, a lot of opportunities to transfer to the famous universities in the US.
  • Support services for international students- help Vietnamese students adapt to the life in Vietnam.
  • Multi-culture- The students can have access to a lot of cultures all over the world (HCC international students is 8%)/.
  • For Vietnamese students, Houston city has a very large Vietnamese community. HCC also has more than 600 Vietnamese students.


   The courses of Houston Community College allow the students to get the diploma within 2 years in order to transfer to the universities in Texas state and other states in the US.

   The programs of Houston Community College help the students gain the real-life skills. The students have the opportunities to have an internship in the programs. The staff are very devoted to support the students’ studying and help the students to obtain the skills and the necessary factors for the success.

   Houston Community College provides the students with reading and writing skills and develops the human personality that helps students to be mature in Texas. These courses are free and provide an opportunity for the students to join in the community, including the courses of human nature education and general education development (GED) and English as a second language (ELS).


  • Business, Marketing and Management
  • Accounting
  • Commercial Arts
  • Human Resource Development
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing and Construction Trades
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Service Careers
  • Science and Engineering- Related Technologies
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Social Science
  • Tourism and Hospitality,…

ESL program:

   ESL is English program which prepares the students for the main course of study. IEP program focuses on the improvement and enhancement of reading, writing, conversation skills and grammar for the students and helps them achieve English level for the main programs.

   These courses aim at giving an introduction to the international students from the countries where English is not the first language to start English course in the US. The fluent speaking and conversation skills are emphasized, instructions including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and writing practice. Houston Community College provides the English courses from basic courses to advanced ones.

Houston Community College