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High-quality boarding school with Golden Education Consultancy

Golden Education, founded in 2011, offers high school students from all over the world the opportunity to live and study in US boarding schools.

GE students mainly come from Asia (China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam), Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Turkey). ), South America (Brazil, Venezuela, Chile).

GE recruits international students whose goals and capabilities are well integrated with GE Partner boarding schools. GE offers support services to partner schools that allow them to better meet the diverse needs of their international student body.


Why choose a boarding school in Golden Education's system:

- Boarding schools provide a variety of tutorials for students with special needs.

- Boarding schools usually provide financial support to students so students can balance their budgets for study.

- Most boarding schools offer extended athletic programs and extracurricular activities.

- Supervised boarding schools 24/7.

- In boarding school, students will be in a safe, secure environment in diverse environments with friends from all over the world.

Wisconsin Lutheran (Wisconsin)

Founded in 1903, Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS) resembles a large family of students, teachers and staff. Living in WLHS, no matter what your purpose is to study or work, you will feel very safe.

The goal of WLHS is to help students develop the personal skills they need for the future, while enhancing the values ​​of the Bible. More than 90% of WLHS graduates enroll in post-secondary institutions.

WLHS has been certified by the Council for Quality Certification (WELSSA), the Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Association (WRISA) and the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

An average class has 25 students. 50% of the school's teachers are senior lecturers. You will be selected for study subjects such as biology, AB calculus, Calculus BC, chemistry, English literature and composition, history, psychology.

When applying for a course, you have the opportunity to receive up to 75% financial aid.

Lincoln Academy (Maine)

A boarding school established in 1801, the Lincoln Academy covers an area of 100 acres. School for students in grades 9-12. About 14% of international students are enrolled.

The School offers ESL English chemistry to help international students get more into the way they learn and improve their English.

School fees are $ 47,000. There are many levels of financial support for students. If you meet the conditions of the school can apply for a scholarship of up to 35%.

Become a member of the school you have the opportunity to participate in many sports clubs as well as art.


Cotter School (Minnesota)

As a boarding school established in 1911, the Cotter School area is approximately 9 acres located in Minnesota. About 30% of international students.

75% of the school's faculty meet the highest standards and are constantly updated.

Subjects: Chemistry, Discrete Mathematics, Elementary Algebraic Mathematics, Multivariable Calculus, Non-Euclidean Geometry, Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Language and Composition, Literature, US history.

Homestay fees are $ 43,500. Students can apply for up to 65% of tuition fees.

Rivermont Collegiate (Iowa)

The Rivermont School, founded in 1884, is a member school of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Association of Independent Schools.

An average class of about 14 students. Students are selected for subjects such as Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, English & Composition, English Literature & Components, Linguistics & Composition, Microeconomics, Physics, Psychology study, Spanish & composition, statistics, state government, and US political history.

Annual tuition is about $ 14,000 per year and 70% of students receive a 30% subsidy from the school's support fund.

100% of Rivermont graduates are accepted into prestigious American universities.


Buffalo Seminary (New York)

Founded in 1851, Buffalo Seminary is a girls' school, offering courses in grades 9-12. About 20% of international students are enrolled.

One exception is the 1: 8 ratio of the school and its students. Students will have more opportunities to interact with teachers and classmates. This is because a student's average score is relatively high. Students may receive 40% support if they meet academic and language proficiency requirements.

The subjects of Buffalo Seminary include Biology, Calculus AB, BC Calculus, Chemistry, English Language, French, Mechanical Physics C, Spanish, Government Statistics, US & Politics, world history, macroeconomics, history of psychology, United States.

Students can join many sports clubs such as Basketball, Bowling, Canoeing, Cross Country, Fencing, Hockey, Golf, LaCrosse, Rowing, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Tennis . There are also many art classes such as dance, drama, fashion, ...


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