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Have a fun life when studying in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a crowded business center and also an international political center. The education system here focuses on interaction and focus on teamwork. Studying in the Netherlands is an opportunity for international students to interact with a friendly multicultural society, affordable education and a variety of academic programs in English.


Politics and language
The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy. The legislative bicameral parliament is based in The Hague. Only about 16.5 million people live on an area of ​​41,500 square kilometers, but the Netherlands has cultural diversity stretching from north to south, from east to west. 40% of the Dutch population lives in big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Most Dutch people speak English, although they have their own language. This encourages the regular use of both languages.
The public transport system in the Netherlands is quite convenient. You can use a variety of vehicles such as electric cars, buses, ... But most students use bicycles. You will be surprised to find a developed country where bicycles are so commonly used.

Landscape and climate
The weather in the Netherlands is quite pleasant, averaging from 1 ° to 3 ° C in January and 18 ° to 19 ° C in July. Thus, the country maintains many native and scarce forests. Variety of plants. There are many kinds of flowers blooming all year round. The Dutch are proud of the famous tulip flowers and beautiful landscapes throughout the country. Visitors also give here a beautiful name is "country of flowers".
Eating and living expenses
If you do not want to stay in the school, you can find a place outside. You can find furnished rooms, kitchens and share it with your classmates. Many areas in the Netherlands are quite quiet so the environment is quite ideal.
The food here is quite simple, the favorite snacks are potato chips. Their breakfast and lunch menu usually includes fresh bread with some jams and chocolates. Of course you can not talk about Dutch cuisine without mentioning their world famous cheeses.
However, look for Vietnamese-flavored food - this is the way many Vietnamese students save their daily expenses.
Expense for study
Depending on the discipline and curriculum you pursue, you will have to pay different fees.
Every year, universities in the Netherlands offer a wide range of scholarships for international students with outstanding achievements and endeavors. The value of each scholarship is quite large so students can cover quite a lot of tuition fees.

Study environment
- The curriculum always combines theory and practice. Each school has different ways to encourage student activism, but most of them create opportunities for friction in companies and businesses.
- Large library, reference books are regularly updated with many different fields for students to study and research.
The motto of Dutch schools is self-study, so the number of classes is limited, students will have to study in groups and study in the library themselves.
- Student office, teachers interact continuously with students, they consider the learner is the center.
There are many opportunities for international students to attend exchanges and learn more about other cultures.
If you are wondering to study in the United States, study in the UK, study in Canada, study in Australia or study in the Netherlands, you can refer to this information. The Netherlands is an ideal country for studying, living and experiencing young years!

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