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Hanover College: The most distinctive business program

Hanover College is a private general education school, where intellectual and artistic interference. Intensive Hanover cross-disciplinary programs are available throughout the region and beyond.

Hanover College was founded in 1827 in Hanover, Indiana, USA.

Hanover's students start with companies, create social movements and survey wildlife in nature - and these are only when they study at the school. After graduation they will join a strong alumni network of successful people with connections in every field.

The School offers a bachelor's degree in anthropology, fine arts history, sculpture, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, classical studies (Greek, Latin), computer science, economics, English , environmental studies, French, German, Spanish, mathematics, medieval studies - renaissance, music, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, social studies study, study theology. Pre-university courses are offered such as medicine, law, dentistry, and institutes. Hanover College has nearly 1,000 students enrolled.

A typical Hanover student usually falls in the top 20% of his / her graduating class in high school, with extensive experience spanning extracurricular activities in the service, sports and school areas. Studying in Hanover is another typical experience of them.

At Hanover, students can design their specialties, starting with their own clubs and organizations. Hanover students leave the university with a professional resume, full of internships combined with hands-on practical experience in the field of their choice. These are the most compelling profiles of the most demanding recruiters in supranational corporations.


Courses at Hanover College

- Personal Care and Fitness

- Education and training

- Computer Science and Information Technology (IT)

- Social Science and Communication

- Applied Science and Basic Sciences

- Creative Arts and Design

- Humanities

- Health and health

The most unique business scholarship program

Founded in 2005, the Business Class Scholar Program at Hanover College is a special and engaging business education program. The goal of the program is to equip students with business skills and applied knowledge taught by experienced instructors in the broad industry.

Students will join the program called "Business Scholars". Admission to the Business Class Scholar Program in Hanover is competitive due to the large enrollment of students.

In 2009, the program recognized 48 new business scholars, a record number. Each scholar will combine with Hanover in their field of interest with practical preparation in business and management. There are over 19 majors represented in the program.

In addition to the traditional course, business scholars must complete a project-based internship, analyze the business case, participate in a consulting project for a real business, meet the requirements of the public. Jobs for many executives and participate in a series of nonprofit events with leaders.

The Business Scholar Program is led by Gerald R. Johnson, Jr., graduated in 1969 from Hanover College. Prior to joining the program, Johnson served as chairman of the board, CEO, and director of the Mercantile Banking Group.


Hanover College is one of 20 universities in the US to attend the USA Scholarships Fair in October 2017. Ho Chi Minh.

USA Scholarships Fair  will take place at 15h - 18h Saturday, 21st October 2017 at REX SAI GON HOTEL (141 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh)

UE and ISN Expo co-hosting the event.

Online registration: HERE

Or register for free via Hotline: 1800 6972 (Free Calls)


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