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Guide to interview USA visitor visa

Although open and open more than before, the visa interview round is still considered the "barrier" of the largest Vietnamese tourists to enter the United States. Not only the cases do not qualify for entry into the United States as young, single, white passports (not externally) ... difficult to get a visa even if the owner of the lake The most perfect is also at risk of being dropped when interviewed for the first time.

Instead of filing proof of ties with your family or work in Vietnam to convince your consular officer to return when your visa expires, many visitors think invitations, letters of guarantee It is the "key" of US relatives to help them open the door to the US tourism. However, that is not good for your interview.

You must prove your financial ability (including pension, rent, savings book ...). There are also cases where a refusal to issue a visa is due to the fact that the respondent fails to comply with the application or fails to answer the question. In this case, you may ask the consular officer to repeat the question or to silence rather than reply promptly.

So, for those who intend to travel to the United States and are afraid to approve the visa, UE Study offers a few tips for you:

I. The first preparation for the interview:

- Dress neatly, polite.

- Arrive 30 minutes ahead of schedule (if you come too soon, it will be easy to get restless).

- When interviewing, you need to listen carefully questions, honest and short answer to avoid telling, lengthy explanation. Just an unreasonable number such as misspelled office phone number or marriage registration date ... can easily make you lose confidence and "drop" the opportunity.

- No electronic devices, such as cell phones, can be carried inside the consulate area.

- Young applicants may be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when interviewed. You can request an interview in Vietnamese or English.

- There will be no guarantee of visa issuance. Therefore, you should not arrange any plans until you get the visa in hand.

II. What is the attitude in the interview?

- Confident style that determines 50% of  visitor visa 

- When answering the interview, try to answer slowly, clearly, definitively, and not explain loosely.

- Looking straight at the person asking and answering to create sympathy as well as expressing his honesty.

- When the question is not clear, you can ask the interviewer to repeat the question. Avoid guessing questions to answer when you are not sure.

- You can answer completely in Vietnamese when interviewing.


III. Interview questions you can prepare in advance:

Individuals with specific circumstances will be asked further questions related to their situation. Therefore, you need to calm down, avoid bewilderment that the wrong answer of the interviewer. Below, UE Study abroad will ask you the most frequently asked questions during VISA interview to USA for your reference and preparation:

1. What to do in the US? (Hint: Travel, visiting children studying abroad, visiting relatives, conferences, seminars, ...)

2. With whom?

3. How long? (Hint: Reply to DS160 and invitations, ...)

Have you traveled abroad before?

5. Who pays and pays for the trip? (Hint: pay yourself, company, organization, individual, etc.)

6. Occupation, current job?

7. How much income a month, a year?

8. Where to go?

Is there a relative in the US? Relationship with you? (Hint: Remember your name, address, telephone number, etc.)

10. Who will contact in the US?

11. Where will you be? (Hint: Relative homes or hotel registration near relatives, ...)

Has anyone ever guaranteed a settlement?

13. Questions related to relatives such as: wife, children, family, date of birth of relatives in the US and in the family?

IV. Things to keep in mind when convincing your consulate:

To convince the interviewer that "you do not intend to remain in the United States forever," prove your return by working relationships and family ties. Eg:

- You have fixed assets of great value such as real estate, bank accounts, business registration certificates by your name ...

- You have family ties such as having children, old parents, etc. These are the factors that are of interest when assessing your VISA.

A "standard" profile is not enough, and more importantly, you need to be confident with the papers you have when interviewing. The visa applicant must convince the consular officer of the following:

- You will leave the United States after the temporary stay on your application, according to the statement, by booking your ticket.

- You have the financial means to pay for your trip without seeking employment while in the US.

- You must use a valid and valid visa. Applicants may produce evidence in a variety of forms, but when compiled, these must be sufficient for the interviewee to provide evidence.

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