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Greenwich Community College

Greenwich Community College is based in one of the world’s globally recognised, fashionable and exciting capital cities – London in the South East, and our international community strongly reflects this.

1. Introduction:

   Greenwich Community College is based in one of the world’s globally recognised, fashionable and exciting capital cities – London in the South East, and our international community strongly reflects this.

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   As one of London 2012 Olympics hosted boroughs, Greenwich Community College is a registered UKVI sponsor with a Tier 4 sponsorship licence. We are dedicated and committed in providing you with high quality education and training as well as social, sporting and welfare facilities to ensure that you realise your potential, ultimately succeed, receive the support and resources along your learning journey, and to make your stay in the UK exciting, welcoming, dynamic and successful.

   Situated just 20 minutes away from Central London and 10 minutes from Stratford, with excellent transport links, it is no wonder many international students choose Greenwich Community College as their place of study every year with us.

   Greenwich Community College have provided training for The 02, Charlton Athletic Football Club, London Borough of Greenwich and some of London’s leading tourist attractions.

   Since 1921, we have been working with small, medium and large local employers to train and develop their staff.

   We are committed to providing flexible and quality training that will support and meet your business needs, whether it is through existing training programmes or bespoke courses designed for your specific needs and requirements.

   International students are an important part of our student community. We are home for people from all parts of the world where we have students and staff from over 150 countries with over 100 languages spoken, and enrolling over 60 International students every year, amongst our 12,000 students. Our partnerships and activities around the world allow us to deliver teaching and research with an international dimension and impact.

   Our International Department provides professional support and advice to international students. We are here to help provide you with all the information you need to make a fully informed decision about studying at the College and in the UK. The team will also advise and support you once you arrive at the College and throughout your time studying with us in the UK.

   If you study at Greenwich Community College, you will study in a dynamic academic environment, within a cosmopolitan community reflecting the international make-up of today’s city of London.

2. Training Courses:

   Greenwich Community College has 314 courses.

   To browse all courses in a particular subject area – please select it from the list below. Alternatively, you can search for a particular course using the search box to the left.

• Business and Finance
• Education and Training
• Electrical and Engineering
• Gaming
• Health and Safety
• Health and Social Care
• Hospitality
• Public Services
• Security
• Sport and Leisure
• Tourism and Heritage

3. Apprenticeships:

• Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that provides an excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience. They enable you to achieve nationally recognised qualifications, which are recognised by employers.
• Apprenticeships can take between one and four years to complete depending on the level of Apprenticeship, the apprentices’ ability and the industry sector. The minimum salary is £2.60 (from 1st October 2012 will change to £2.65 per hour) per hour; however, many apprentices earn significantly more.

4. Programs and Tuition fees:

a. English Course:

- Tuition fees: £4.200/year

b. High School Course

- Request: Over 14 years old, IELTS 6.0
- Tuition fees: £ 5,000 / year

c. A level course (2 years):

   For students over 16 years old. With A-levels students may attend all sectors and was admitted to the prestigious University of UK, US and other English-speaking countries.

- Request: Over 16 years old, IELTS 6.0
- Tuition Fees: £ 5,000 / year

d. Foundation Course (1 year)

   After completing the preparatory course, students receive direct admission in the University: London South Bank, King's College London, Greenwich, Goldsmiths, Middlesex, Kingston, East London, Bromley or the other universities in the UK.

- Request: Graduated from high school, IELTS 6.0
- Fees: £ 5,000 / course

e. Vocational courses (Vocational College 1-2 years)

   For students over 16 years old. After the course , the students transfer to universities in over the UK.

Majors: Accounting, Art and Design, Music, Health, Education and Child Care, Information Technology, Health Sciences, travel tours ...

- Requirements: IELTS 5.5
- Fees: £ 5,000 / year

f. Foundation Courses (2 years): After finishing the course, the students can work or continue to study from 1 to 2 years to obtain a Bachelor degree.
   The Majors: Economics, Information Technology ...

- Requirements: Graduated from high school, IELTS 6.0
- Fees: £ 7,000 / year

Greenwich Community College