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Get an IELTS exam fee and visa when you study in ONCAMPUS

From July 17 to September 17, 2007, Vietnamese students applying for the ONCAMPUS UK will be offered £ 500, which includes IELTS and fast visa fees.

The privilege is for university preparatory programs, first-year undergraduate and masters degree programs at ONCAMPUS London, ONCAMPUS London ONCAMPUS ONCAMPUS, ONCAMPUS Coventry ONCAMPUS Sunderland, ONCAMPUS UCLAN, ONCAMPUS Hull.

In addition, you have the opportunity to receive a scholarship of 30% tuition fee at all campuses, especially Campus Conventry is a scholarship program worth up to 50% and give a complete vacation okinawa resort. free.

The Cambridge Education Group (CEG) is an educational corporation, which has partnerships with hundreds of prestigious universities around the world, invented On Campus. On Campus is the equivalent of the first year of the bachelor program. First year students study at CEG schools, after transferring to the partner schools.

This program is famous for its intelligence, making studying abroad easier and more and more attractive to students from all over the world.

In the UK, OnCampus has partnerships with a number of institutions including London South Bank University, Coventry University, Sunderland University, and the University of London system. International students are required to complete a foundation program. University Foundation, International Year 1 and Master's Foundation if you want to apply for bachelor's and master's degree programs at these partner schools.

Students will attend class 25 hours per week to attend English classes and general courses. Lecturers will be the most enthusiastic supporters of the language and environment of new students. In this transition program, students are encouraged to participate in all group activities, clubs, clubs for skills development and language development.

The University Foundation's On Campus UK program is considered to be suitable for international students, including Vietnamese students. Firstly, due to its unique design, it is necessary to ensure that students are able to acquire knowledge, secondly, to save money and time because they only study for one year, and thirdly, Next up the school that students want. Students have two options for training. Or study a partner college after transitions to the university you want. Either prepare for a degree at a university that wants to pursue a bachelor's or masters degree (Foundation ON Campus).

Thus, the selection of study at the OnCampus UK you will be studying at the top quality schools in the UK with modern facilities, get help from the National Student Support Organizations In-network, scholarship opportunities and employment opportunities in multinational corporations

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