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General information about studying in USA

Studying in the U.S. has always been a top choice for those who want access to advanced education world. With students of academic year 2009 Vietnam over 13,000. America has always captured the hearts firm belief in the students and parents.

General information about studying in USA 
Study in the U.S. has always been a top choice for those who want access to advanced education world. With students of Vietnam 2009 school year more than 13,000. America has always captured the hearts firm belief in the students and parents.

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American education
for people from different cultures, American education is extremely large and diverse and it is difficult to find the point chung.Song, education system that reflects excellence calendar 1 history, culture and social values ​​of a country most advanced in the world. 
In the U.S., the public and private schools, elementary and secondary schools, public universities and private universities and state-everywhere there, and the U.S. continues to run one of the greatest education system in the world. American education system today consists of approximately 96,000 primary and secondary schools, with more than 4,200 community colleges. The schools in the United States is highly competitive due to the autonomy of each school's budget. Thus, American education is always very high quality compared to the rest of the education world. With an education such caliber, according to U.S. Census 2008, the average salary of a Grade 9 graduates is $ 25.900 a year. Those with a bachelor's degree (Barhelor's Degree) earns $ 45,000 a year. With a graduate degree (Master's degree), money earned in a year can be up to $ 72.800 a year. Higher, reaching a doctoral degree (PhD), you can earn $ 81,000 a year. 

U.S. study costs Costs study in U.S. schools varies greatly. Obtain an election in the university, the cost can range from very little to about $ 50,000 for an academic year. In short, to be able to attend a good school in the U.S., the cost will range from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 a year. accommodation costs in the United States is also a problem to be solved.The cost will fluctuate depending on where you choose and in each state in which you live. There's also other costs to take into account such money for extracurricular activities. The parents when their children intend to study in the United States need to carefully consider the financial ability of his. U.S. student visastudent visa to the U.S. is not easy nor too difficult. You must be confident and honest when interviewing for a visa, provided adequate financial records and interviewing study. The most important thing is that you do not intend to stay behind after school. You need to understand motors, personal learning goals, content hoc.Ban program should refer the questions that the consular officer may ask. To increase the likelihood of reaching U.S. student visa, you should seek professional or internship experience to the interview questions in advance and have a detailed assessment to help you feel more confident.

 U.S. study such benefits What? 

With qualifications recognized worldwide, with a great opportunity to work in the companies, multinational corporations, the benefits of studying in USA is undeniable. The dynamic self is very important virtues in everyday life as well as at work, you can learn and develop when you arrive in the United States.Moreover, cultural diversity can help you understand more about the peoples of the world, so to speak, America as a miniature world. Equally important, the English when you use in communication, education in America. It is obvious that your English will improve, improve faster, more effective when you set foot in an English speaking country. English has become the global language, to study, live and work in an English speaking environment, you will have a better future. 

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