Bạn cần hỗ trợ?

Foreign teachers how strange?

Many students studying in the US, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, ... have been shocked when the contact with the foreign teachers. Going from surprise to surprise, they still do not understand why lecturers have such "strange" criteria.

Listening to the sharing of students, you will understand why they are surprised!

Popular reading culture

All fields of study, from the natural sciences, the social sciences to the health care industry, are important. At the beginning of the school year, students are introduced to a series of books, marking which books to read and must read. Teachers always emphasize that: classroom education is not enough, knowledge teachers do not penetrate where, want to learn good to read themselves non-stop.

In the morning, when the students are sleepy, they go to class and ask "Have you read this morning?" Then he talked about the hottest news that he had read on the news. There will be quick and interesting conversations if the news is related to the subject.

Reading books are not limited to specialized books needed for tests, teachers encourage students to read all kinds. Because of the diversity of information that makes the social and cultural backgrounds, it is highly appreciated in every recruiting profile.


Always give praise to students

Students are encouraged to voice their thoughts and views. Teachers always appreciate the views of each student despite being different views from the majority. You never feel shy about being different or being underestimated when you say your thoughts. For foreign students, the more teachers give more encouragement to be able to easily integrate with you.

When you stand up to speak in front of the classroom with English eh, you guys giggle but the teacher is always serious. You will get encouragement like, "Your English is quite up, try a little more ... You feel free."

If you have missed some courses and are called up to the dean's office, do not worry. After leaving you will have more motivation to try harder because the teachers do not call you to scold. They will say that you have done a great job, the problem is that you need to change the method a bit or need more support from teachers or friends.

Everything can be a lesson

When studying in Vietnam, the teachers are teaching to teach, not talk about personal or out of class. I was most afraid to study history, elongated that the 5 belly was hungry meow, how to learn.

But this side is different, I know what the dog's name is, how many times have he failed interview before having a good job, ... The teacher cleverly inserted in the lecture, taking practical examples to them I visualize faster and memorize longer.

After school the teachers lingered a bit to answer some of their questions but they did not stay long. They always hold the role of a teacher. They make us feel close but respectful.

What we feel best about is that we always have a desire to learn more. Although living away from home is hard, to save little by little, the new language is quite difficult but with the encouragement of teachers so they can all be solved. You are experiencing any problems, even the smallest, of sharing your teachers with them, they will guide you conscientiously!

Hoang An


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