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Florida International University - the leading public university in the United States

Florida International University (FIU) is one of the largest public universities in the United States. Founded in 1972, the school is located in Miami, Florida, a vibrant coastal city.

The FIU also offers students the opportunity to experience a quality education "ahead of time" wherever they are.

Studying at the FIU takes just 30 minutes to reach South Beach, Everglades National Park and downtown. And only three hours can go to New York. Moving to Central America and South America is a simple matter.

Miami was named the best city to do business in America. This seaside town is home to more than 1,000 multinational companies. By celebrating culinary and wine festivals, the hotel and tourism industry contributes significantly to the city's revenue. Come to the FIU to study, experience the unique things like tropical tropical atmosphere, vibrant festivals, crowded business centers and large international communities.

1. Why choose FIU?

- Ranked No. 5 in the number of students enrolled in college

- Is one of the top 10 public universities in the United States

- Top 17 best universities in America

- Top 100 best business schools in the world

- Top 100 best law schools in the world

- International Business Program ranked 6th in America

- Marketing degree program ranked seventh in the United States

- Science program ranked No. 6 in the United States

2. Study program at FIU

The University offers over 200 programs for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, with majors such as business, computer science, technology, marketing, hospitality, art, and more. FIU owns over 130 different nationalities from international students.

Bachelor of Architecture and Arts

- Art
- History of art
- Communication Arts
- Music
- Theatre
- Art of Painting Theater

Bachelor of Science

- Research on Asian Chemistry
- Earth science
- Economics English French Geography
- History
- Interdisciplinary Studies in International Relations Studies in Mathematics Liberalism
- Math education
- Philosophy
- Physical
- Political Science Portuguese Psychology
- Religious Studies
- Sociology / Anthropology
- Spanish
- Sustainability and Environment
- Research on women and gender
- Biological Sciences
- Chemistry
- Criminal Justice
- Environmental studies
- geological science
- marine biology
- Mathematical Physics Statistics

Bachelor of Business

- Accountant
- Finance
- Human Resources
- Administration
- International bussiness
- Manage
- Management Information System MIS Marketing
- Real estate

Bachelor of Education

- Art education
- Early Childhood Education / ESOL Elementary Education / ESOL Sports and Recreation Management Physical Education
- Special Education / ESOL

Bachelor of engineering and computer

- Information Technology
- Biomedical engineering
- Construction Engineering Computer Engineering Computer Science Construction Management Electrical Engineering
- Environmental Engineering Information Technology Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor's degree in nursing and health sciences

- Health services
- Administration / Administration
- Nursing

Bachelor of Public Health and Social Work

- Nutrition and Nutrition
- Community service

Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management

- Hotel Management with specializations: Beverage Management
- Food Management
- Hotel Management / Lodging
- Restaurant management / catering services
- Event Management
- Tourism and travel management

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

- Advertisement
- Media
- Research on digital communication
- Newspapers
- Public Relations
- Professional Foundation Programs:
- Law, Medicine and Health (Veterinary, Ophthalmology, Dentistry)

3. GFY program for international students

The Global First Year Program (GFY) is a program specifically designed for international students. To make it easier for international students to integrate and keep up with the pace of school.

Advantages of the program:

- GFY does not require SAT or ACT scores

- Small class sizes (maximum 25 students)

- 24/7 support service for students who have learning difficulties or life

- Some other services such as registration or airport pickup are available for a fee

4. Cost reference

- Tuition and Fees: $ 23,800

- Accommodation: 11.658USD

- Health Insurance: $ 2,200

- Food: $ 6,152

- Books and other expenses: US $ 2,195

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