I have B2 visa. How do i transfer to F1 visa when traveling in the US?



Note when changing student visa to study abroad: With a B1 / B2 visa you will also be able to study English, but not more than 16 hours a week. And learning English will not affect your status When USCIS receives the records for you, they will send you information about your case number, processing office as well as your email or message (if you have a G-1145 form). If you do not receive anything after 30 days, you must contact them by mail or phone. You can check the progress of your online treatment here. (Apply when you have your case number, ie when USCIS has received your records and sent you mail.) The average time to process is about 5 months. From receipt until your results are still B1 / B2 (if your visa is still valid), do not overdo the B1 / B2 visa authority. If your visa expires, you will become an Out-of-Status, at which point you still have the right to remain in the US legally because you are awaiting USCIS results. During this processing absolutely not out of the United States. Another important thing: You must ensure that your B1 / B2 visa expires within one month before your I-20 admission date, otherwise your chances of being rejected will be high. Because Status can not be transferred more than 30 days prior to the date of enrollment, it is likely that you will not be able to enter the United States 30 days before the start of the course. For example, you enter the US on January 1 with a B2 visa, the duration of this tourist visa is 6 months from 1 January to 30/5, then you must apply for I-20 with the date of enrollment by June 30. Because logically, if the date of your enrollment is 30/6, you may be able to change your status as early as 30/5, if your visa expires on May 20, the United States will not like it. Enjoy your Out-of-Status status from May 20th to May 30th. If you arrive on I-20 and do not have a result, do not worry, you will contact the school immediately to issue the new I-20 with the rescheduling date. You keep this sheet so that when USCIS informs you to add new I-20, you add it. Read many here, think you have stepped into the airport to work as a file transfer status in time. This is wrong because this is suspicious for your reviewer: "Why do you say travel, but not too hot to worry about studying abroad, what do you mean?" When you change status to F1, it's best not to leave the United States. Stay as long as possible, complete the courses you desire and then return. Because you also know that changing status like this is completely aversion to CO, like I was cheated on you ah. In fact, it is okay but the situation is a problem and you probably know what is very interesting during the visa interview. So if you intend on visa extension to Vietnam is not so nhé. One more thing, study well and have a brilliant score, it will be good for you when you want to apply your next visa or unwanted visa extension. This proves that you are studying seriously, bringing money through the United States, not cheating to get jobs in the US.

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