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Eynesbury Senior College, Eynesbury International, and The University of Adelaide Campus Visits

Since 1989, Eynesbury has proven to be a high-quality and outstanding education provider in South Australia.

   Since 1989, Eynesbury has proven to be a high-quality and outstanding education provider in South Australia. With its high school division, students can study Year 10, 11 and 12 with excellent and dedicated teachers in an environment where their needs are well supported. Eynesbury College has produced many cohorts of students with consistent academic success and enjoyed an average of 95% of its students continuing onto universities. It is not rare to see one or two students at the school achieve the perfect ATAR result every year!


   Totally different to a traditional high school, Eynesbury creates an adult learning environment for its students. It means that the school does not focus on extra-curridular activities, sporting events or food festivals; and students do not have to be on campus all day. The reason for this is the teachers have time to help each and every student who needs help with their academics. Being said that, students are encouraged to take part in a number of school-organized activities as well as other community events. Students are also advised to play sports in the University of Adelaide sport facilities.


   Eynesbury College is also a leading provider for Foundation Studies and Diploma Courses leading to almost all programs at the University of Adelaide and University of South Australia. Please keep in mind that some special programs at uni such as dentistry, physiotherapy or education must be packaged with Eynesbury Foundation Studies Program.


   Homeaway accommodation for under 18 students is really a big part of your learning at Eynesbury. For a reasonable amount of fee (currently around $AUD 300 / week), you get to live in a nice, clean single room where all your meals are home-cooked by experienced and lovely cooks. Meals vary from Asian to Western and every meal is really a treat for the students. You can get a bus to school right across your house and the ride typically takes 15 minutes. An array of restaurants and shopping centers can be found right in front your your accommodation. You won't find missing anything from food, groceries to love living here!


   The University of Adelaide is a Group of Eight university and one of the most research-intensive university in Australia. It has been consistently ranked among the top 1% of world universities by all major university ranking associations. Don't be surprised if your professors are a Nobel prize winner as there are quite a number of them teaching at the university. The University provides a wide range of courses from engineering, health sciences, medicine, social sciences to business management


   The biggest advantage of studying at a Go8 university is you have all the valuable connections with your friends and professors at the uni. With its prestigious brand name, you will not find it challenging to find a job in Australia or anywhere else in the world after graduation. Surrounded yourself with top-notch, highly-motivated students, you are definitely on the rise to the top.

   Eynesbury is still running their scholarship program for Vietnamese students for Foundation Studies and High School programs. The amount can range from 20% to a massive 50% scholarship for outstanding students. 10-week English scholarships are still available. Also, continuing scholarships are widely available to students who are doing well at Eynesbury.

Truc Quynh Nguyen