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Explore the mysterious Britain

He is a land of magic with legends, legends. Join Harry Potter for a round of exploring places on the map to learn more about the country's most intriguing places with famous stories ...

1. The mysterious thing in Scotland

The Old Man of Storr

This is a place where there is a thick cloud cover and surrounding beautiful monoliths. From the top of the mountain, climbers like tiny creatures are putting their feet on the giant mountain.

Loch Ness

This is the home of the notorious Loch Ness monster. The mystery embodied in the unusual movement of this beautiful lake is still a great question mark. Even more people have claimed to see the monster go up from under the lake.


A witch boy was sent to a small cafe in Edinburgh by JK Rowling. Edinburgh boasts beautiful buildings such as Edinburgh Castle and many other medieval palaces. The magnificence of the castle has created a lot of inspiration. Edinburgh Castle is the residence of the Royal, also a military fortress, preserves Mons Meg - one of the oldest guns in the world.

2. The mystery in UK

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is one of the largest castles in the United Kingdom, currently has a family living here. In the Harry Potter movie, Alnwick Castle becomes the Hogwarts School that specializes in training amateurs.

Hadrian's Wall

Situated on the northern border of the Roman Empire, Hadrian is a military facility consisting of French colonies and fortifications. This work is 73 miles (117 km) long and thousands of years old, also the place where King Arthur's last battle was.


From ancient times, the crowds of York have turned this place into one of the most charming streets in the world. With old-fashioned buildings on the side of the road, the streets were strewn with gravel that made things turn back time. This became the most haunted place in the film by the characters Mad Alice and Gray Lady.

Sherwood Forest

The forest is full of ancient trees and this bones were once legendary Robin Hood shelter. There is also a giant oak tree believed to be up to 1,000 years old.


Suffolk village is an ancient village, where Harry Potter was born. Godric's Valley is the perfect place to open the first part of "The Deathly Hallows" of this movie.


Stonehenge is one of the most famous mysterious sights of England, located in Wiltshire. Most people who have come here do not understand why large rocks can be so spectacular.


Rye is located in the south east of England, where there are gravel roads and bungalows. This was once home to the smugglers of barley.

Tintagel Castle

The wind blew all year round from Cornwall to Clifftop Castle. Tintagel Castle is also known as King Arthur's residence, where you can also find the Cave Merlin.

3. The mysterious thing in Wales

Llyn Llydaw

Legend has it that King Arthur had sailed on a lake in this mountain range, and Excalibur's famous sword was thrown into the lake.

Tintern Abbey

The local people of South Wales have said that the devil had preached to the monks of Tintern with signs on the wall, so the monastery gradually deteriorated.


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