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Experiences to achieve 6.0 IELTS in 09 weeks

English is considered an international language, widely used in the world. If a standard measure of English proficiency for international students or employees, IELTS is the most accurate measurement.

IELTS is an abbreviation of the International English Language Testing System, which is one of the leading certifications for international agencies to assess English proficiency as well as English proficiency. Students from other countries to study abroad. During the IELTS preparation process, you must master and master the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing. This is one of the international examinations with 270 exam centers in 110 different countries. Ielts is co-owned by three members: the British Council, the Australian Education Organization IDP and the Cambridge University Examiner.

Therefore, IELTS preparation is always an important issue for many international students. IELTS is not only about intelligence but also hard work and care to achieve the results you desire. Here, Du học UE will bring to you the stream of confidences and share your reality Tran Anh Huy - from 4.0, she completed IELTS course with score 6.0 in the 9th week in the Philippines. Is not it great? You also with the UE find out who Tran Anh Huy is, and how she has done it!
With the desire to live and work in Australia, Tran Anh Huy - from Ho Chi Minh City - understands the importance of IELTS for their future plans. And now, with all of his hard work, Tran Anh Huy has completed IELTS in the Philippines with a score of 6.0 in the ninth week, the total duration of his class is 03 months.

Please try listening and referring to the thoughts, feelings and experiences of Tran Anh Huy when you set foot on IELTS learning environment in the Philippines nhé!
- In this country, making friends and communicating everyday in English, this wonderful practice environment is rare in Vietnam. Huy and most of the first time students come to this country feel very strange because when entering the school gate, what impressed the security guard also speak very super English. Huy's inception was an entrance exam, and she was 4.0, so IELTS full-time
- The first week here, it is obvious that Huy or any new friend is really want to go home because of the feeling is not strange but also unfamiliar in this new environment. In addition, IELTS teaching methods of teachers here are very fast, Huy found himself not only keep up with this teaching but also feel much more inferior to his classmates. But just be optimistic and try with persistence, in the weeks following your studies and activities will be fine, that is what Huy experienced and see. Feeling strange, startled at first will be dispelled by the friendliness and harmony of friends from different countries will make us think that we are at home. Due to the great impact of the spirit in such a positive way, and with the enthusiastic guidance from the classmates, Huy's skills in IELTS are significantly enhanced.
In addition to the single, continuous tests in the classroom, the weekly Saturday will feature the Mocktest IELTS test, a comprehensive test of a complete IELTS test with four Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing skills, To test yourself as well as the mistakes of the students, this is one of the frequent and important challenges in learning Huy's IELTS as well as you.
- According to Huy and general comments of the students, the teachers here teaching professionally and very well, very responsible for their students IELTS, is extremely funny too. This is also an important factor to give students a good psychology to reach optimal results.
Huy also advises you that in addition to the interesting hours but no less than that pressure, you should spend a few moments relaxing the weekend by relaxing on the beach or exploring the bar Unique coffee, ... through the guidance of the people around you or your management offline!
Huy's learning was so favorable until he told his teacher that he wanted to take the exam earlier than 02 weeks, meaning that for 3 months, Huy On week 11, earlier than 02 weeks it means that he will be taking the 09th exam. And for the preparation of the IELTS test two weeks ahead of schedule, in the seventh week, Mocktest IELTS. Huy said that at that time, every day he was listless, tired and sometimes wanted to give up, because every morning is Mocktest with all four skills, each afternoon is the time to study in the study room. Hall to fix the morning Mocktest and do more tests on the site.

- But the depression, self-deprecation completely disappeared, to the day IELTS test, he made the lesson with a very comfortable psychology because of his diligence study card that feeling in the examination room of Huy is like Make Daily Mocktest Posts. So when the exam is over, he is really satisfied with his efforts and anticipated results.
- The part that Huy thought was the most interesting was the two weeks waiting for results, extremely thrilled always. She is extremely happy to receive IELTS 6.0 with Listening 7.0, Writing 5.0, Speaking 6.0, and Reading 6.0. A really worthy result for Tran Anh Huy is not it? With this learning, Huy can, and you can also, why not?


Through the story and experiences of Tran Anh Huy, the UE wants to convey to you the message that there is no path to success that is full of roses, but success is the result of a lot of effort. And your efforts. There will not be a successful door to play too long before a heart full of enthusiasm and a persistent will. The process of conquering the IELTS is not easy, but nothing is impossible if you try your best.
Wish you all the success with the solid foundation and education that the UE brings!

(Hoai Phuong)


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