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Study in the U.S. Seminar - School Seattle Central Community College on 02/25/2012

UE - Give airfare + Free + Free enrollment services Time: 14h - 16h, Saturday Date 25/02/2012 Location: Sheraton Hotel (Admission is free)

h2UE - Give airfare + Free + Free enrollment services Time: 14h - 16h, Saturday Date 25/02/2012 Location: Sheraton Hotel (Admission is free)


SEATTLE CENTRAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE - One of the Best Community College America

School Seattle Central Community College (Seattle Central Community College) is the only community college located in downtown Seattle - one of the nation's largest city and the Times Magazine voted the " College of the Year " by the survey nearly 1,200 community colleges in the country (2001-2002), and the New York Times magazine voted one of" New Destination for successful people "(4 / 2007).

Seattle Central has about 11,860 students, of which about 1,020 are international students and students from Vietnam accounted for 25%.

Seattle Central offers over 100 diverse programs including: Biotechnology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Medicine, Earth Sciences, Business Administration, Commerce, Psychology , Health Sciences, Social Services, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts ...

The program:

- College Bridge (Bridging Program): Learning English, learning to take credit for the first 2 years of college (Associate Degree)

- College Transfer (university transfer programs-Associate Degree): moved to 3 years of 4-year university.

- High School Completion (dual program): Middle school and to get the first 2 years of school and college at the same time.

- Short - Term Certificates (short-term certificates): (2-9 months), including optional internships.

- International Internship (international internships): Learning and experience working in companies and local institutions.

There are 4 intakes during the year: spring (April), Summer (June), Fall (September), Winter (January)

Universities have guaranteed admissions program articulation:

As you know, the 2-year college program of the Seattle Central allows students to transfer programs and University 3 years 4 years at hundreds of well-known universities in the U.S. such as San Francisco University, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, University of Oregon, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, Eastern Washington University, Montana State University, Washington State University, University of Washington-Tacoma, College at Oneonta ...

Here are some links of Seattle Central:

Johns Hopkins University

San Francisco State University

University Of Oregon

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Eastern Washington University

Montana State University

Washington State University

University of Washington Tacoma

College At Oneonta

The links schools to help students after school in Seattle Central will definitely be admitted to year 3 and year 4 here. HS / SV will get I-20 of the Seattle Central and conditional acceptance letter from the University that you contact the school selected from the original aspirations. The link with the University illustrate excellent reputation and the Seattle Central is committed to top quality.

Entrance requirements:

For dual program:

- Finished first semester of grade 10, grade point average of 7.0 or higher at the end of the Vietnam

- Does not require TOEFL

For the first 2 years of the program graduate (Associate Degree):

- Graduated from high school

- Does not require TOEFL

Currently, the Seattle Central Community College affiliated with Johns Hopkins University (ranked 13th in the world in volume of economic activity by the Times Higher Education magazine in 2011, the United Kingdom, U.S. News and World Report 2011, the U.S. votes) received approximately 200 international students each year to Johns Hopkins University. Conditions are completing the first 2 years (Associate Degree) with a 3.0 GPA. While the international average of students in schools with 3.3 GPA. By graduating from Johns Hopkins University will open its doors to students after graduation will have a good chance to work later.

If you prefer city life it is difficult to find any better place in Seattle. Seattle has all the charm of a large city. It is the capital of the largest conglomerate companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon.com. Washington State is a state with good bus system, the most perfect country. Seattle Central is the only school in Seattle with modern dormitories for students.

Seattle is surrounded by natural beauty, located on the west Elliot Bay and the Cascade Mountains, east of Lake Washington and the Olympic Mountains. Whether you love the outdoor recreational activities, professional sports, the arts, shopping or enjoying the delicious food you can find in Seattle, just a few minutes Seattle College movement. You can find places in the convenience and reasonable prices located only about 10 minutes walk.

Official representative in Vietnam:

United Education Company

21 Mai Thi Luu, P. DaKao, District 1, HCMC

Tel: (08) 3911 0102/3911 0234

Website: www.unitededu.com.vn