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Edith Cowan University (ECU) and PIBT - Perth Institute of Business and Technology Campus Visits

Edith Cowan University (ECU) and PIBT - Perth Institute of Business and Technology Campus Visits

   Needless to say, PIBT and ECU's two campuses in Mount Lawley (10 mins from the city center) and Joondalup (30-40 mins away) took my breath away. All the facilities are top-notch and states-of-the-art. Both campuses encompass large lands with carefully trimmed gardens and well-planned buildings.


   ECU is recently ranked in the Higher Times Magazine's Top 100 Under 50 and internationally renowned for its teaching, nursing and engineering programs. The motor engineering program has recently climbed the world rank and now proudly been in the same league of the Ivy League in the U.S. which I think is amazing!!! The school's nursing simulation wards are so well equipped and modern that they are designated to be the city's hospital in emergency situations. Originally ECU was a teaching college so its teaching programs are perceived to be some of the highest quality and most prestigious in Western Australia if not the entire country.


   ECU's School of Business and Law is doing a wonderful job as well. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to learn all the practical skills any multinational companies would ask from an international student through 3 units of Business Edge. One of the highlights is the Hospitality and International Hotel Management program. Students have a chance to get guaranteed work placement in one of the 4 or 5-star hotels in and around Perth so they are actually getting practical and professional experience while being a student. They will be so job-ready upon graduation.


   If you're interested in performing arts, ECU is definitely the pace to be as it is now operating the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). I'm not exaggerating but this is the BEST place in Australia and the world to learn to do theatrical performing, ballets, classical music, etc. Hugh Jackman went there so let it speak for itself!!

   If students decide to live on campus, they have a wide range of options to choose from. A 6-bed apartment with a historic feel with red bricks costs around $197/week while a more modern looking 5-bed apartment is $223/week.


   PIBT provides many pathway options for students who want to study at ECU at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. PIBT is centrally located on ECU's campus so the students have easy access to all the uni's facilities. The teachers and staff are so helpful that the students here feel at home right on their first day!!

   What are you waiting for? ECU and PIBT in Perth may be the place for you.

Website: http://www.pibt.wa.edu.au